[LCS Summer Split] Four teams fight for the remaining two spots in the 2021 LCS Championship


Of the ten teams competing in the 2021 League of Legends Championship Series, the teams who finish 8th place or higher in the Summer Split will qualify for the LCS Championship for a chance to be one of three teams who will represent North America at the World Championship in China this fall.


With six games left to play in the Summer Split, six of the eight LCS Championship seeds have already been secured. While the top six teams will be battling for seeding, the bottom four teams will be scrapping for the remaining two post-season spots for a chance to extend their seasons.


There is a very likely chance that Immortals will punch its ticket to the LCS Championship in week 8 of the Summer Split. At 17-22, IMT has extended the gap between 7th and 8th place by 4 games, and also, will finish the season with positive head-to-head records against all three teams below it in the standings.


If Golden Guardians loses its next match against Counter Logic Gaming, then IMT will qualify for the post-season automatically. However, if IMT wins its match against Dignitas, it can control its own destiny and qualify for the LCS Championship regardless of other teams' match results. This is because CLG, at 10-29, can finish with a record of 16-29 at best, which is still a lower win percentage than Immortals' worst-case scenario of a 17-28 finish. 


If CLG beats GG, it would be GG's 28th loss, and because of IMT's positive head-to-head record against the Golden State Warriors affiliate, IMT is guaranteed at least 8th place. However, if GG beats CLG, IMT must win its match against DIG to close out the day with a post-season clinch. Even if Immortals doesn't lock a spot in the LCS Championship on Friday, the probability of qualification on Saturday or Sunday is very high.



Below Immortals, things get a little bit tighter between three teams who have all recently made changes in an effort to catch lightning in a bottle before the end of the Summer Split.


FlyQuest snapped a 10-game losing streak by subbing in the entirety of its FLY Academy roster, who is 4-2 in six LCS games which puts the team at 13-26 in 8th place.


Golden Guardians acquired top laner Eric "Licorice" Ritchie from FLY and has also gone 4-2 since, increasing their total wins on the season by 50% to overcome CLG and step into ninth place. CLG, in an effort to shake things up, signed Tanner "Damonte" Damonte to start in the mid lane in place of Eugene "Pobelter" Park in week 7 of the  Summer Split, but was unable to record a win in Damonte's first three games back in the LCS. 


Immortals is only two games behind sixth place Dignitas, who qualified for the 2021 LCS Championship last week. In addition, IMT has actually been the better team in summer, with ten wins to DIG's eight. As likely as it is for IMT to qualify on the next LCS match day, it is also likely that the final spot between FLY, GG, and CLG will come down to the wire and potentially not be decided until the final day of the Summer Split.


FLY will have the easiest schedule of the bottom three teams, only facing one of the top four teams compared to the three for both GG and CLG. Each of the three teams has one match left against the other two, starting with CLG looking for its first win with Damonte against GG on Friday.



All images by: Tina Jo/Riot Games via ESPAT

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