New Hearthstone Priest Questline allows players to

▲ Xyrella is about to knock your opponent's socks off. Image via Blizzard Entertainment


Ah, Priest. What can be said about the beloved class that hasn't already been said about dump trucks? It smells funny, is clunky, and is aging like a fine carton of milk.

As the release date of the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, United in Stormwind, approaches, the development team has begun revealing cards that players can begin theorycrafting decks with, complaining about, and making predictions about their power level that are rarely, if ever, correct.

On Tuesday afternoon, Hearthstone teamed up with animator Brian Calland who runs Wronchi Animation to unveil the Questline card coming to Priest.



What starts out as a simple Quest requiring players to play cards on curve quickly ramps up until that player...wins on the spot.



Completing the quest seems simple enough: If you're lucky, you are able to play on curve from turns one through 10 and win. By finishing the mini quests within the Questline, you can hopefully find a card within your deck that fills any missing mana slots in your hand. Assuming everything has gone according to plan thus far, players then slam Xyrella, the Sanctified on turn nine, shuffling the Purified Shard into your deck which you can then draw on turn 10 and win.

The likelihood of everything going according to plan isn't as easy as it sounds but it does provide the Priest class with a win-condition that it's currently lacking outside of hoping your opponent simply falls asleep playing against it.

United in Stormwind is scheduled to go live on August 3.

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