T1 Stardust: "It’s true that the team is unsettled right now, but I’m not doing this alone."


On July 17, in the 2021 LCK Summer Split, T1 defeated DWG KIA 2-1. It was their second straight win after the controversial coaching staff change. It wasn’t an easy battle for T1, but they were able to win in the end. After the match, T1’s interim head coach Son “Stardust” Seok-hee joined the press room.



How do you feel about the win?


I actually thought it would be really difficult, so I kept convincing the players that we could win. Since we really won, I think we can keep doing well.


You were on a losing streak against DWG KIA. What was the reason?


Simply, DWG KIA kept playing better than we did. That’s why we lost, and this time, we were the better team, and that’s why we won.


How was the preparation coming into today’s match?


We only had one day after the match against kt Rolster, so we stuck to the fundamentals, remembering the practice we had before. 


What was the reason for losing game 1?


The scrim results were really good and the team atmosphere was good as well. I think everyone got too excited and forgot about the fundamentals we practiced. Starting from game 2, coach Moment’s feedback was effective, so we were able to win.


You were ahead in game 2 but the game went on for long. What was the reason?


There are parts where we still lack. We know what our problem is, and I believe we can fix it within a short amount of time. The players understand well too.


How do you evaluate game 3?


There wasn’t much time to give feedback, so we said that if we remember what we learned and stick to the fundamentals, good results will follow. The players did well, and the younger players did especially well.


The younger players seem to call themselves the ‘02 trio. What’s the strength of Oner and Gumayusi?


They all lack a bit in all areas, but their individual prowess, how quick they learn, their understanding of the meta, and amount of practice make up for it.


It seems that the players give more of their opinions during the draft.


Most of the draft is done by Moment. He talks with the players about the champions they practiced and the champions that were good.


DWG KIA picked Zac in the first game. Weren’t you frustrated?


It’s true that we were frustrated since we never saw Zac. We thought we should ban him because we didn’t face him much, but I don’t think we lost game 1 because of Zac.


Polt said that T1 will get good results in the press conference. In the summer split, the former coaching staff had a 50% win rate. Do you think you can get better results than that?


Regardless of that, our goal is to win every day. The former coaching staff taught the players well so we’re trying to make what we can in our own way.


It would be quite unsettled within the team, and you’d be pressured because of that. How is it?


It’s true that the team is unsettled right now, but I’m not doing this alone. We have Moment and Polt. I’ve been communicating with the players a lot and listening to their opinions. From what I’ve heard, I’m trying to make the best decisions.


You’re currently the interim head coach of the team. How do you think you’ll be leading the team?


Rather than thinking of the unsettled atmosphere right now, if we win, everything will get back in place. The direction could always change, so I’m trying to do what I can in each situation.


Any last comments?


Yesterday, there was an unfortunate passing in T1. I’m thankful to the players who did well despite that. The fans would be worried a lot because of the recent issues — I’ll do my best to repay you for your support through good results.

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