T1 Keria on Predator Thresh: "I saw NS Kellin play it often against mage supports... So I copied it."


On July 17, T1 defeated DWG KIA in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. T1 was on a 7-match losing streak against DWG KIA up to now, but they finally overcame their nemesis. After the match, the Players of the Games, Kim “Canna” Chang-dong and Ryu “Keria” Min-seok joined the analyst desk for an interview.



Congratulations on today’s win. How do you feel?


Canna: We beat DWG KIA 2-1. I’ve never won against DWG KIA before, so today’s very meaningful to me.


How about you Keria? It’s your first POG today.


Keria: I feel good since we beat DWG KIA who kept beating me from last year. Ever since my debut, I got a lot of POGs. This season, I didn’t really think about it, but I was kind of sad I didn’t get any. I’m happy that I got one today.


You’ve broken the losing streak against DWG KIA today. How is it?


Canna: As I said earlier, it’s very meaningful. It feels even better since we won because of my good performance.


As soon as you banned Diana, DWG KIA picked Zac. How were your reactions?


Keria: We didn’t predict it, but we didn’t think it mattered much. We thought we would win if we do well.


How was it playing against Zac?


Keria: I don’t know about Zac, but we lost because of our own big mistake.


Canna played extremely well in game 2. Your Jayce is 6-2 this summer.


Canna: I think I’m pretty good at playing Jayce. I haven’t been playing that well this season, but I’m happy that I did well and won.


Faker said don’t get too excited. Do you get excited often when you do well?


Canna: I don’t really get excited that often, but I think I got overexcited a bit since we were on a good flow against the team that we lost seven straight matches.


You picked jungle Lee Sin which has a bad win rate in the LCK. Did Oner want to pick him?


Canna: Yes. He asked what I wanted to play. I said that I’ll play Viego, and since Oner liked playing Lee Sin, he picked him.


Keria’s Thresh in game 3 was insane. Why did you select the Predator rune?


Keria: I don’t really like Predator Thresh. I’ve only picked that rune on Thresh about twice up to now ever since I played LoL. But I saw NS Kellin play it often against mage supports. I thought it might be good since we have Lee Sin, so I copied it.


Gumayusi said that there aren’t any bot lanes that you can’t beat in the four major leagues, and you really dominated the bot lane today. What do you think?


Keria: I think that’s a bit too arrogant. [Laughs] We might have that prowess, but we haven’t actually played against them — we don’t know that yet.


Keria was asking for a pentakill at the end of the game. It’s the first time we’ve ever heard a support ask for a pentakill. Did you really think you’d be able to get a pentakill?


Keria: At first, I said it because I really thought I could get it. I knew right away after I said it, but I was so happy that I couldn’t stop. [Laughs]


Your next match is against Afreeca Freecs, who you lost to in Round 1. How will you face them?


Canna: I didn’t play well against Afreeca Freecs in Round 1. Since we beat DWG KIA today, I’d like to beat them as well with this momentum.


Keria: There’s a lot that I’ve learned in-game-wise up to now. I’m playing well through that. I’ll make sure that we beat Afreeca Freecs as well so that we could rise higher in the standings.

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