Over a dozen balance changes revealed in League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 2.3c

▲ Everyone's favorite skin line, Battle Academia, is coming in patch 2.4. Images via Riot Games


The League of Legends: Wild Rift development team has been busy behind the scenes as the final balance patch of the 2.3 cycle was revealed on Tuesday evening. Titled 2.3c, the update will feature more than a dozen champion, item, and rune changes to provide a healthier meta going forward and allow players to experiment a bit more.


The following changes are subject to go live when the patch officially drops and include comments from the development team as they aim to provide insight in to their thought process.


Balance Changes


Base Armor: 35 down to 30

Comments: Amumu’s early game is nothing to be sad about. We’re taking a small chunk out of his survivability.


(P) Concussive Blows
Stun duration: 1.56 seconds down to 1.5 second

(1) Winter's Bite
Percent HP damage: 5% down to 3%

(3) Unbreakable
Duration: 5 seconds down to 4 seconds

Comments: Braum’s unparalleled frontline ability makes him one of the top picks in the Support position. These changes are geared towards reducing his damage and giving him a bit more vulnerability over the course of a fight.



(P) Demon Shade
Heal: 10% Ability Power per second down to 7.5% Ability Power per second.

(Ult) Last Caress
Damage Ability Power ratio against low health champions: 250% down to 230%

Comments: Evelynn supremacy continues to reign. Her passive recovery and instant damage make her a constant threat, so we’re giving her enemies some more breathing room.


(3) Arcane Shift
Cooldown: 25/22/19/16 seconds up to 28/24/20/16 seconds

Comments: Ezreal’s too slippery in the early game, so we’re adding a little more downtime to his primary escape tool.


Base health: 610 HP down to 570 HP

Comments: Fiora is slightly overperforming, so we’re nudging down her base health. This should give her slightly less room for error in her early duels.


(2) Zephyr
Bonus movement speed while on cooldown: 6/8/12/15% down to 6/8/10/12%

Comments: Janna's last round of nerfs did a good job of knocking her off her windy throne, but she needs another bonk to her movement speed. She should still be able to use (2) Zephyr to harass her opponents, but she won't be zipping around as quickly to do so.


(P) Sunlight
Base damage: 33 to 145 up to 34 to 160

(2) Eclipse
Armor: 25/35/45/55 + 20% bonus armor up to 35/50/65/80 + 20% bonus armor
Magic Resist: 25/35/45/55 + 20% bonus magic resist up to 35/50/65/80 + 20% bonus magic resist

Comments: We wish all Leonas a very pleasant morning. She’s still climbing the buff mountain, and we’re targeting her tankiness and passive this time.


(1) Gleaming Quill
Range: 6/7/8/9 up to 7/8/9/10

Comments: Rakan's short poke range means he struggles if he falls behind in the laning phase. He’s getting a small range buff on his main poke and heal utility.


(3) Song of Celerity
Mana cost: 65 up to 80

Comments: Sona has been topping the charts with her consistent pressure and utility. We don't want to impact Sona's ability to deal and prevent damage, but we do want to tone down her engage and disengage tools. If you can pressure Sona into using (3) Song of Celerity in lane, she should take a harder hit.


Item changes


Bramble Vest
Thorns damage: 3 + 10% bonus armor down to 3 + 8% bonus armor


Combined cost: 900 gold up to 1,000 gold.
Total cost: 2800 gold up to 2,900 gold.

Comments: Bramble Vest (and Thornmail) are overperforming as rush items. They should ideally have a specialized role and instead are the best go-to early Armor item generally.


Frozen Heart
Attack speed reduction aura: 15% up to 20%

Comments: We’re making Frozen Heart a slightly more appealing purchase when against fast attackers.


Rune changes


Inspiration: Pathfinder
Movement speed: 8% up to 9%

Comments: We’d like Pathfinder to keep up with Mastermind for enterprising junglers.

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