CLG publicly airs "private team meeting" where players are told they might be losing their job

Screengrab via: CLG | Twitter


As the team continues to struggle within the LCS, CLG is having additional problems with public relations. In a now-deleted tweet, the organization shared a look “behind the scenes of a private team meeting", in which General Manager Daniel "Tafokints" Lee warns the players of upcoming roster changes. 


"I'm gonna be upfront, I'm thinking about roster swaps. It's been two months, we haven't really been progressing, so there's very likely gonna be changes this week. I'm exploring options so this might be the last time we have this roster of five playing."

The post was met with immediate criticism from the League of Legends community, scorning the way CLG handled this matter. The decision to leave the players in confusion with an ominous and unspecific warning, rather than determining who should be benched and telling them one-on-one, was deemed unfair and insensitive to the team as a whole. Not only filming but immediately posting such an emotional moment for the players to the organization’s Twitter (one with more than 412,000 followers) raised a heated discussion within the LoL community.


Such team content is not without precedent in the LCS as TSM used to frequently share personal moments of the players in the past, such as the benching of Shan "Chaox" Huang. Since then, TSM has strayed away from this practice. 

CLG quickly responded to the backlash, pulling the video and posting an apology Tweet. There the organization explained their reasoning" to share an authentic look at the team and to be as transparent as possible. 

CLG is currently tied for last place with Golden Guardians in the LCS standings with a 10-26 record since the start of the season. Although the team has had fruitful appearances like the 3-0 record in Week 3 of Summer, they've gone 1-8 in the last three weeks. A potential bottom 2 finish after the Summer would make it a fourth straight split where CLG places 9-10th in the LCS. 

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