Apex Legends will add ranked Arenas mode in Season 10

Source: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is getting a ranked version of its latest Arenas mode in Season 10, according to comments made by Apex Legends director Chad Grenier.



"Batte Royale will continue to be a primary focus for us, that's the roots of the game, but we have been trying to expand beyond battle royale," Grenier explained during the EA Play Live Spotlight broadcast. "We have what we think is a really great combat loop, and fun core gameplay. So we are trying to offer more ways to play. We just released Arenas in Season 9, and in Season 10 I can confirm we will be releasing a ranked version of Arenas."


The Apex Arenas mode sees two teams of three face-off in a win-by-two round-based format. Players buy their equipment, weapons, and ultimate ability in a buy menu at the beginning of each round, with the amount of cash each team has access to going up with each round. The arenas mode takes place on different enclosed arenas that are inspired by locations from the Battle Royale map. 


EA is not just looking to make Arenas a more competitive game mode, they are also looking to establish an esports presence around the mode. BLAST Titans announced yesterday that they will be debuting Arenas at their event later this month. Teams from across Europe will compete in Arenas for a €40,000 Euro prize pool.



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