Tekken Tournament brings old school combat to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Source: Nintendo


Nintendo has announced a very interesting in-game event for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players. 


Starting July 9, Smash will host a Tekken Tournament over the course of three days. According to Nintendo's announcement, the tournament will only have fighters who do not use weapons. This includes Ryu, Ken, Terry, Min Min, Little Mac, Incineroar, and Kazuya. 



More fighters may join the tournament but these are the only ones that have been confirmed, thanks to Nintendo's intense announcement image. Kazuya takes the front since the Tekken fighter is the inspiration behind the event. 


Kazuya joined the game on June 29, the first-ever Tekken character in Super Smash Bros. history. This tournament will be another attempt to bridge the gap between Ultimate and other fighting games, which Sakurai recently admitted are very different in fighting styles. 


The more a player wins, the more impressive the spirit rewards will be. It's not currently clear what the spirits will be. 


Japanese players are already contemplating who else might join the unique event. Other fighters without weapons include Falcon, Lucario, Ridley, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Zelda, and Pikachu. Of course, many of these fighters have projectiles. But so do the confirmed fighters in the tournament, like Ryu's Shoryuken. 


Curious players will find out more details come July 9. The Tekken Tournament will run through July 12, giving players three days to test their skills in melee-focused matches. 

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