SSG Crown: "Ekko is not necessarily a counter to Syndra."


In March 29th (KST), Samsung Galaxy secured their position in second place after defeating MVP with a 2-0 record, all thanks to Minho "Crown" Lee's impressive performance throughout the match.

By winning today's match, SSG has locked second place in the regular season of this split, placing themselves in the second round of playoffs. Also, with 1300 points in MVP standings, Crown is now very close to being crowned as the Season MVP.

During the MVP interview with OGN, Crown was certainly proud of his damage output, but did not forget to thank his teammates for his accomplishment: "I looked at the damage output graph and my graph was certainly impressive. I have to thank my teammates for allowing me to deal damage as much as I wanted to."

▲ "Total Damage to Champions" Graph after Game 2


Above all, he was confident that they'd win Game 1: "Our composition was simply better than theirs in full-on teamfights." Also, he was not afraid to face Ekko with Syndra, saying: "The matchup depends on the situation and the opponent. Overall, Ekko is not necessarily a counter to Syndra."

As for their recent victories, Crown had an idea why: "I had this feeling of anxiousness in the last season, but I think I'm doing much better now that I'm less anxious about the results. To be honest, I don't practice as much as I did in the last season."

Finally, Crown ended the interview by thanking the fans: "We only have one match left to go in the regular season - we'll do our best to end the season in a high note. I want to thank all the fans who are always cheering for us, and I hope that you'd continue to cheer for us in the playoffs."

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