SKT T1 Wolf: "I hope to get my vengeance [against SSG] in the finals."


In March 29th (KST), SK Telecom T1 cemented their position in first place after defeating ROX Tigers with a 2-1 record.

As as a support, Jaewan "Wolf" Lee might not be as prominent as other roles, but there is no denying that his clutch Redemption was definitely a reason why SKT came out ahead in Game 3. Thanks to his Karma, Junsik "Bang" Bae was able to make impressive plays with Ezreal and carry the game.

Here is our interview with Jaewan "Wolf" Lee.

Congratulations for heading to the finals. How do you feel about today's match?

I was worried that we might lose today's match as well because we've lost against Samsung Galaxy. Although I'm still sore over the previous loss, I'm glad that we are on the finals.

The match went on for 3 games. Please tell us your recap of the match.

Game 1 was okay because I didn't make any glaring mistakes. However, I think we lost Game 2 because of my mistakes - I'll make sure to improve on what I've done wrong. As a pro player, I think to myself that I just have to do what I have to do to win, but I couldn't do that in Game 2.

Youngmin "Mickey" Son's Ahri has been a serious threat to you throughout Game 2. Can you tell us about how you've felt?

I thought that Ahri would be a threat even before the draft ended, and the threat compounded with their Shen. Since I had to risk my life just to place a ward, it was a very hard game to be a support.

Can you tell us why Bang built Blade of the Ruined King before anything else in Game 1?

BotRK became a lot more popular after being buffed in Patch 7.5. It does wonders on sustainability. However, we chose to start with something else in Game 3 to build other items faster.

You've now locked first place in the regular season. Looking back, how was the season in general?

I played in matches without feeling too much pressure. This isn't to say that I didn't take my practices seriously, but I took things outside of the game itself easy. The match against Afreeca Freecs and SSG showed our weaknesses, and it was worrying to have lost a few matches this late in the season.

Is there a specific team that you want to face in the finals?

Personally? SSG. I made a big mistake in the last match against SSG during the laning phase, I hope to get my vengeance in the finals.

Why do you think you lost against in the last match against SSG?

I think things went wrong as soon as the invade happened.

Some supports choose to play with aggressive supports like Brand to be recognized more. Do you want to pick supports like that too?

Getting MVPs by playing an aggressive support does feel great. However, you have keep to the fundamentals when playing a team game. 'Traditional' supports like Karma and Nami are both capable of either carrying team team or supporting someone who carries the team. Being confident with those supports are another reason for me to stay with those picks.

You've been going through rough patches in the Solo Queue. Has it been a concern for you?

Solo Queue is something that pro players need to do well. While Coach Junggyun "kkOma" Kim agrees as well, he does tell me that I'm an exception. Of course, he wanted me to at least stay on Master... Honestly, I'm not too sure how I need to approach the solo queue. Personally, I don't like to play support in solo queues because it's just too frustrating to play. Queue as a duo is not an option for me because I wouldn't want to blame my partner for losing.

Judging from the MVP interview, it looks like Bang is looking out for you. Do you feel the same way?

Even before the interview, he did say that there needs to be something equivalent to the '1000th Kill Montage' for supports. I suppose it will be a good motivation for us to try harder. Whatever it might turn out to be, I'll look forward to it. As for Bang, we are good buddies. We even raise a dog together.

You timed Redemption very well in today's match. Can you give us any tips about activating Redemption well?

I think ahead about what will happen in future. Some of more important factors to think about are whether the enemy team has an assassin and the number of crowd control abilities available to the enemy team. As for today's match, ROX had plenty of CCs in their composition. In that case, you'd want to activate it as soon as someone gets caught in a CC because that would mark the start of a teamfight.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything else that you want to share?

I'm glad that we are in the finals. I really practiced hard after losing against SSG, and I'm relieved that we've won today's match to be in the finals. I assume that our fans will feel the same way too. I hope that we can continue to do well in future.

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