[Guide] Best moves and skillsets for Emboar in Pokemon GO

▲ Source: Niantic


With the community day, everyone would have captured more than enough Tepigs and shiny Tepigs to evolve and power up. Tepig is a Fire-type starter Pokemon from the Unova region. When evolved to Pignite, it becomes a Fire/Fighting-type Pokemon. After Pignite, it evolves to Emboar, the #500 Pokemon. As Emboar, its max CP at Lv. 40 is 2982.


As a Fire/Fighting-type Pokemon, Emboar is strong against Normal, Dark, Bug, Grass, Metal, and Ice. On the other hand, it's weak against Flying, Psychic, Fairy, Ground, and Water.


▲ Tepig evolves to Pignite, Pignite evolves to Emboar


There are two major ways to set up your Emboar. The first is giving it Fighting moves for both fast and charged attacks. In this case, you’ll need to have it learn Low Kick as its fast move, and Focus Blast as its charged move. This would make Emboar a Fighting-type attacker.


The second way is giving it Fire-type movesets. The only Fire-type fast move that Emboar can learn is Ember, and the best charged move is Flame Charge. Emboar can also learn Heat Wave for its charged move, but Flame Charge is far more efficient for fights as it charges much faster.


The best way to use your Emboars caught on Community Day would be choosing two Emboars to evolve each way - one as a Fighting-type, one as a Fire-type. 


How was your community day? Did you catch’ em all?

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