Don't blink: Ekko is here in Legends of Runeterra

▲ Ekko is here to cause some chaos. Images via Riot Games


The third and final champion featured in Legends of Runeterra's upcoming card set, Rise of the Underworlds, was revealed on Tuesday afternoon and he's ready to stir up a scene in the blink of an eye. 


Ekko, the street kid from Zaun, is ready to put his Zero Drive to work and dish out damage to the opposition before they even know what hit them. In a video revealed on the game's official Twitter account, Ekko utilizes numerous mechanics to act as the swiss army knife the Piltover and Zaun region lacked. 



Making the most of his Quick Attack ability, Ekko will be able to immediately Time Trick a card to the top of his deck using the Predict mechanic while also generating an instant resource by drawing a card. Historically, Predict decks operate a little slower than normal as they often have to prepare for their following turn when the card they placed on the top of their decks can be drawn. But Ekko breaks that mold with swift resource generation in the process.


Once leveled up, his Chronobreak spells can act as powerful swing cards or finishers to games that the deck itself may be lacking.


It will be up to players to decide what champions and other regions pair best with Ekko but only time will tell.

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