Hearthstone Mercenaries delayed until fall, new expansion teased Thursday

▲ Blizzard Entertainment has announced an announcement. Images via Blizzard


As Hearthstone's Year of the Gryphon rolls on, so too does the development team's content cadence. On Monday afternoon, the team released a teaser video on their official social media platforms. In typical Blizzard fashion, the announcement was of an upcoming announcement scheduled for Thursday.




In the video, Alliance soldiers can be seen slamming their spears into the ground in formation as a banner falls behind them. At the end of the brief video, "Tankards Up!" is shown as well as the announcement that the development team will be holding an expansion reveal event on Thursday, July 1 at 10 a.m. PT. The event will take place on the game's official Twitch and YouTube platforms.


A blog post went up on the game's site providing more details in conjunction with the video being shared. Game Designers Alec Dawson, Liv Breeden and John McIntyre will host the festivities as information will be shared regarding the upcoming card set, what's coming to Battlegrounds and how Phase 2 will look in the Year of the Gryphon.


Hearthstone Mercenaries, the roguelite game mode teased earlier in the year, has been delayed until the fall. Originally scheduled to go live prior to the launch of the next expansion, the development team stated they need more time to "implement all the awesome content we've planned for the mode."


An event will coincide with the launch in the fall.

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