Over 100K Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans tune in for Kazuya showcase, find out Dante most likely not last DLC fighter


"I heard a voice from the heavens," Sakurai said in the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation. "You must put Tekken in Smash."


But Sakurai said it wasn't as easy as just putting any old Tekken fighter in his beloved game. While not arguing if Smash is a fighting game or not, Sakurai did admit that Ultimate is quite different than Tekken. While Tekken is all about spacing from your opponent, Ultimate is all about location on the map. To overcome this challenge, Sakurai thought of the devil gene. 


Kazuya's mother carries the devil gene, which allows them to draw power from the devil. Kazuya's son, Jin, also has it. In Tekken 7, fighters with the devil gene can choose how much of the power to use. This made it the perfect mechanic for Ultimate. Kazuya's specials will all revolve around the devil gene. 


Kazuya move list in Ultimate brings devil gene to Smash


Neutral — Devil Blaster


The Devil Blaster is a high-speed beam that reaches far across the map. The beam will also go through multiple opponents, although it gets weaker as it goes. Shorter opponents can crouch to get below the Devil Blaster. But Kazuya can counter this by aiming downward. In fact, the Devil Blaster can be aimed upward or downward, even while Kazuya is in the air. 


Side B - Devil Fist


This is a fast punch that has Kazuya rushing forward. It can punch through nearby opponents but will simply push back far opponents Kazuya reaches. This makes it pretty interesting for potential combos since they will be frozen and vulnerable after a close-up Devil Fist. Kazuya can also use it for recovery. 


Up B - Devil Wings


Kazuya's first jump is fairly low to the ground but the devil form jump helps with recovery, allowing players to get pretty high. Kazuya will also float in the air a little bit. It can also act as a powerful KO. Kazuya's up special can only be used once but other attacks are possible while Kazuya is still floating mid-air. He can also move left and right. 


Down B - Heaven's Door


Heaven's Door grabs the opponent in front of you and then slams them into the ground. It's similar to Bowser's side special. An opponent can push back against it, ensuring they aren't plummeted off the stage. 


Kazuya rage feature 


Similar to other newly released DLC fighters, Kazuya will have a comeback mechanism. Called his rage feature, it's activated when Kazuya is above 100% damage. It can only happen once per stock, making Kazuya glow red and enter an "angry state." 


During Kazuya's Rage state, the Tekken fighter will have his attack power multiplied 1.1 times. While that already gives players an advantage, Sakurai said that players can activate the Rage Drive in special conditions. This is a powerful, once-per-stock throw that's basically an insanely amplified version of Heaven's Door. 


Rage Drive can be activated three ways: A grab, using Kazuya's down special, or use the Shoryuken command input while also holding down the attack button. This is the same as the Dragon Uppercut, one of Kazuya's A attacks. 


After using Rage Drive, Kazuya's Rage state will end. That's even if the move misses. 



Kazuya's A attacks reveal an insane amount of moves and combos


Kazuya is already being seen as a fighter with a high skill ceiling to master. He is great for comebacks but only if the player has mastered Kazuya's playstyle. He has a slow attack speed (although not as slow as in Tekken) and will struggle against players with further range. He's also on the heavier side and has a low jump, but is blessed with super armor. 


"Even compared to other fighters, he has an outstanding number of normal moves," Sakurai said. "There's no reason to use all his moves though. I think it's good if you figure out which moves you're best at, then go from there." 


To release Kazuya's 10-hit combo, players simply have to repeatedly press A. It can also be held. Shields won't work against the final hit of the combo but the rest seem to be easy for opponents to avoid. 


Here are just some of the moves you can unleash with Kazuya.


Skilled players can press A twice, then take a short pause, then press A again to release a Flash Punch Combo. Mastering this timing will unleash more interesting attacks for Kazuya players. Instead of just rushing forward, press over twice and then A to release a special kick attack. Twin Pistons happens when you press up and then A twice. Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kicks happens when you aim at a diagonal upward right on the directional stick and then press A four times.Tilt diagonally forward and downward and press A twice to use Tsunami Kick.  


Dante no longer considered for the last Smash DLC fighter


At the end of the presentation, Nintendo revealed some of the new Mii costume. One of them was Dante. Sakurai acknowledged that a lot of people wanted Dante to be an actual fighter in Smash but seemed unapologetic about his decision. Per usual, Sakurai seems to be dismissing the most vocal requests and will most likely reveal a very shocking DLC. 


Kazuya is available to play tomorrow, most likely in the evening. 

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