T1 Cuzz: “The telecom derby doesn’t mean that much anymore. We simply need to win everything.”


On June 27, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, T1 swept DRX 2-0 and collected their third win of the season. T1 and DRX had the exact same draft in both games today. In the match, T1 jungler Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan had a great performance in ganks and in teamfights playing Diana. He joined the press room after the match to talk with the media.


How do you feel about today’s win?


The team atmosphere wasn’t very good since we were on a losing streak. The practice was hard as well. Although DRX was on a losing streak, we thought their performance was alright. I’m satisfied with both the process and result of today’s win.


How was the feedback after the previous losses?


We tried to improve on our teamfights, macro, and the details in laning. There are still parts that we lack, so we talked a lot.


The draft went exactly the same in both games today. As a player, did you think DRX’s comp was good enough to have the same draft in both games?


When I saw them draft the same champions even though we won, I thought they had something in mind that they weren’t able to show in the first game. As the game went on, their poking damage rose, so there were parts where we were pressured.


When they drafted the same thing, our coaching staff asked us not to make the same mistakes that we made in game 1. We mostly discussed the parts where they got kills in the laning phase or teamfight angles.


Sett’s tier is really high in the LCK. Why do you think it’s so high?


I think other teams consider him really good. I believe the reason is that his skillset is really good. I don’t think I should say more since Daeny doesn’t really like it when we talk about this. [Laughs]


How about Jhin?


There were several ADC bans so we just picked Jhin to balance out our comp.


The remaining games are still tough for T1. Next week is the telecom derby against kt Rolster. How will you prepare? Does the derby match still have much meaning?


I feel that we need to prepare well on the top side since KT has a strong top side. Against Blank, I need to do my role well to win. I don’t think the telecom derby doesn’t mean that much anymore. We simply need to win everything, so one match isn’t more important than the other.


Any last comments?


I’d like to say a word to my teammates. I hope everyone can keep their spirits high. Everyone, both the starters and the sub players, is working really hard. Thank you to the fans who cheer for us.

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