A plethora of Irelia changes are now live on the League of Legends PBE

Source: Riot Games


Riot Games has released a series of changes to Irelia to the League of Legends PBE, and to detail these changes, game designer Phlox posted some thoughts to the official League of Legends website regarding Irelia's changes and how they intend to affect her gameplay to make her a more healthy, well-balanced champion than any previous iterations of the post-rework Will of the Blades. 



The following changes have been applied to Irelia on the PBE:

  • Durability down early, up late
  • Passive caps at 4 stacks instead of 5
  • Max passive damage and Attack Speed down early
  • Q dash speed reduced slightly
  • Q minion damage scales with level
  • W physical DR scales with level
  • W has magic DR again (half the physical amount)
  • W damage increased substantially
  • E blade travel time fixed at 0.25s
  • Each R rank reduces Q's base cooldown

Phlox points towards Irelia being in a tough spot regarding balance due to her incredible snowball potential as a counter to many popular solo laners, which is supposed to be off-set by her horrific scaling. However, what this leads to is a professional priority on Irelia due to her ferocious carry potential in a favorable matchup, while players below the professional level are dealing with what is a suboptimal champion at lower levels of play.


Phlox details his goals of adjusting Irelia as follows: "One: See whether we could lower Irelia's early power to nerf her in pro, or if "dominate lane at the cost of late game power" was fundamental to what makes Irelia exciting. Two: See if adding a new effect to W would make that spell feel more exciting and worth using."

In addition to the above changes, Irelia has also had a few visual and audio quality of life updates, as well as a change that allows enemies to see the stacks on her passive. 

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