Teamfight Tactics celebrates 2nd birthday, gives away free Little Legend

▲ Happy Birthday, Teamfight Tactics. Images via Riot Games


Two years ago, Riot Games introduced Teamfight Tactics to millions of individuals worldwide and took the gaming scene by storm. Overnight, the auto chess genre became a household name, League of Legends fans were given a new way to play with their favorite champions, and viewership on Twitch soared. If you weren't streaming TFT on Twitch, you were missing out.


Since its' launch, the title/game mode has released five sets worth of content, their first-ever in-game event, and countless hours of enjoyment to players new and old around the world.


Today, the title/game mode celebrates its second birthday.



In a video shared to the game's official Twitter and YouTube accounts, Riot Teej, the Product Lead, thanks the millions of fans who have given the auto battler a try and have found joy in it ever since. As part of the birthday bash, the development team is giving away a free Little Legend called Cake Spirit to anyone who plays a game of TFT starting today.


Teej also mentions that the development team is right on schedule to have an observer mode available for competitive events prior to the Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning World Championship in the fall.


The final bit of information shared was that Set 5.5 is coming on July 21 and will feature new champions, traits, and a mechanic. According to Teej, the development team feels that the game's current mechanics introduced in Set 5 lack the game-to-game variance that others have had in the past so they're looking to shake things up.

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