[Guide] The best M4A1 attachment loadouts for Warzone Season 4

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While many weapons have risen to and fallen from grace throughout Warzone's history, perhaps no gun has been as consistently good as the M4A1. This weapon has been S-Tier since the release of Warzone in 2020, and now in Warzone Season 4 it remains an incredibly powerful weapon that is capable of taking engagements at short, medium, and long ranges. We put together the strongest attachment setups for the M4A1 in Warzone Season 4, so you can dominate your competition.



The versatile M4A1 setup in Warzone Season 4

  • Monolithic suppressor
  • Corvus Custom Marksman Barrel
  • Medium range optic
  • Commando Foregrip
  • 60 Round Mags

For those who use the M4A1 as their daily driver, this is the best loadout to choose. It minimizes the weaknesses of the M4A1, while maximizing its killing potential at a variety of ranges. While using these attachments, you can be confident that your M4A1 is up for just about any task.


Monolithic Suppressor

At this point it's no secret, you should run suppressors on your guns in Warzone. It keeps you off the minimap and keeps your weapons quiet, so you can keep killing without anyone else noticing you. Additionally, the reduced recoil from the suppressor can be a welcome buff to this setup as well.


Corvus Custom Marksman Barrel 

This barrel comes with a number of benefits, including increased damage range, faster bullet velocity, and improved recoil control. The downside to the Corvus is that it will slow down your ADS speed and your movement speed. Generally speaking, the performance bonuses that this barrel brings is well worth the negatives, since it makes this gun much better at longer ranges.


Medium range optic

There are a variety of viable optics for this weapon. I personally like the standard G.I Mini Reflex sight and the VLK 3.0x Optic if I am going for long-range fights in a match. As always, I recommend you use whatever optic you feel most comfortable with since you will always have better results with your favorite sight.


Commando Foregrip

The Commando Foregrip is the final piece to the recoil puzzle for the M4A1 in Warzone Season 4. This underbarrel attachment will further stabilize your recoil and add more aiming stability, completing this weapon's transformation into an actual space laser, from space. With this Foregrip, the Marksman Barrel, and the Suppressor on the M4A1 it is a slick, easy to control weapon perfect for all situations.


60 Round Mags

Topping off this loadout, we have the 60 Round Mags. 60 bullets are better than 30 bullets in my experience, especially when you want to be ready for any confrontation. 60 bullets are more than enough to take down multiple opponents without having to reload, which is a common situation in Warzone.


The up-close M4A1 setup for Warzone Season 4

  • 5mW laser
  • No Stock
  • Merc Foregrip
  • Stippled Grip Tape
  • 60 Round Mags

For those who like to run their M4A1 class setup more like a close-quarters combat weapon, we have the setup for you! With these attachments, the M4A1 turns into an SMG ranged beast, that can rival the Mac-10 in the right situation!


5mW laser

For running around and getting up-close and personal with the enemy, the 5mW laser is ideal. It will increase your hip-fire accuracy, which is essential for those panic moments when you come around a corner and an enemy is staring you down with an LC-10 ready to take you out.


No Stock

While it makes no sense that taking a part of your gun off would count as an attachment selection, nonetheless running this weapon with no stock is ideal if you want to engage in CQB combat. The No Stock option improves both your movement speed and ADS speed, which are awesome benefits for using your rifle as an SMG. In exchange, you will lose some aiming stability and recoil control, but who cares, this is a spray and pray setup!


Merc Foregrip

The Merc Foregrip isn't typically a popular attachment for the M4A1, but it makes a lot of sense on this short-range setup. This foregrip improves the hip-fire accuracy of your gun, which is great for this setup for the previously stated reasons.


Stippled Grip Tape

Finally, we have the Stippled Grip Tape. This will increase your ADS speed just a tad, which is definitely worth it. While this M4A1 loadout does have improved hip-fire accuracy, at the end of the day you will always deal more damage by aiming down your sights.


60 Round Mags

You should use 60 Round Mags with this loadout, for the same reasons already mentioned above!







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