[Guide] Best loadout for the XM4 in Warzone Season 4

The XM4 assault rifle is one of the most reliable assault rifles in all of Warzone Season 4. This weapon rose to the top of the rifle meta throughout the past couple of seasons, and now it is a weapon of choice for some of the biggest streamers and most competitive players in the world.  We put together a quick cheat sheet for you, showing the best attachments to equip on the XM4 to maximize its deadliness in Warzone Season 4.

Best attachments for the XM4 in Warzone Season 4

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 13.5" Task Force
  • Mid-range Optic
  • Field Agent Grip
  • Stanag 60 round extended mags

Agency Suppressor

The Agency Suppressor is the go to attachment on most Cold War weapons in Warzone. It helps keep you safe and off enemy minimaps, while still allowing you to play aggressively and pick up kills. The suppressor will also decrease the recoil and give you extra bullet velocity, which is helpful with this weapon's overall versatility.


13.5" Task Force Barrel

This barrel got a buff in the Season 4 launch update. The 13.5" Task Force barrel now increases bullet velocity by 50% and increases damage range by 35% in exchange for debuffs to recoil, sprint speed, move speed, and more. In this case, the benefits of the barrel outweigh the negatives, since it will make this gun much more effective at range.


Mid-range Optical Sight

There are a ton of viable optics with light to medium zoom levels. A little extra magnification can definitely help give you a better look in mid and long-range encounters. As always, I recommend using whatever optic you enjoy using since ultimately the best optic is the one you are most comfortable with. 


Field Agent Grip

The Field Agent Grip is going to give you back some of the recoil control that you lose with the Task Force Barrel. The boost provided to this gun's handling by the Field Agent Grip is significant and makes a big difference in sustained gunfights at a variety of ranges. Alternatively, you could also consider the Speed Tape to increase your ADS speed, if you aren't having issues with the XM4's handling.


Stanag 60 Round Extended Mags

The 60-round magazine is a must on this weapon. Not only will it help you engage multiple enemies in a row without reloading, but it also will help you turn more long-range encounters into kills. The time it takes to reload during a fight can often be enough time for an enemy to get away or reposition. I find that having more bullets in my magazine helps me be more confident and land more kills through sustained fire. 



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