The Kaiser 2 - Anda Seat's Premium Gaming Chair

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Text by: Julian Pagliaccio

Anda Seat’s back with a new and improved Kaiser gaming chair, and this one is a beast. Weighing in at 75lbs flat, the Kaiser 2 is full leather throne available in all black or black and red.

Source: Anda Seat





There’s something strong, tough, and secure about this chair - perhaps it’s the premium materials and well designed components, or maybe it’s the ergonomics compared to similar gaming chairs. Regardless, the Kaiser 2’s most apparent qualities shine through its size and quality.


A lot of gaming chairs skimp out on quality to minimize costs but also get that classic gamer look. Anda Seat definitely breaks the mold and maximizes on build construction. You clearly get what you paid for in terms of construction, and by the way, the Kaiser 2 is on sale for the next few days via Amazon Prime Day.



One of our favorite aspects of this chair is how many “locking” mechanisms it features. It’s not unusual for gaming chairs to tilt, recline, and raise in various ways, but the Kaiser 2 goes above and beyond: almost all of these movements can be “locked” in, so once you find the perfect spot to watch a show or do some work, just click a handle and you’re set. This means no fidgeting to stay comfortable, or resting on something to keep the chair reclined. In a week of use, we’ve found 5 or 6 unique positions that we love for different use cases.


Our biggest gripes with the chair are pretty minimal - assembling the chair is more tedious than some competitor’s designs, but you’ll get over it after relaxing in the assembled chair for a few minutes. Similarly, the neck rest is surprisingly hard to install without 2 people, which is a bit annoying if you plan to take it off frequently.


Nitpicking aside, we’re extremely satisfied with the Anda Seat Kaiser 2. It’s one of the best gaming chairs we’ve reviewed and we can’t wait to see what Anda Seat puts out next. If you’re looking to upgrade your chair, act quick: Anda Seat told us their $100 off discount ends on 25th June, 2021.

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