[LCK] LSB Summit on defeating T1, top meta champions, and Gwen


On June 20, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, Liiv SANDBOX shut out T1 2-0. Through the win, Liiv SANDBOX placed themselves in 5th place, tied with T1. After collecting two wins this week, Park “Summit” Woo-tae joined the press room to talk to the media.



How do you feel about winning today’s match against T1?


I think both teams we faced this week were strong teams. T1 is also a strong team. I’m very happy that we’ve started a winning streak.


Week 1 wasn’t that good, but you won both games this week. How’s the team atmosphere? Is it different from last week?


I thought that the first week was against relatively weaker teams, so we needed to do well in Week 1 to have a good season. But the team atmosphere was really bad since we lost both games that week. Now that we won both games this week, it’s much better.


How did you try to overcome the bad flow?


Although we were losing, we tried to lighten the mood by joking around and working hard. We were able to stay focused on the in-game feedback and change what we were doing wrong.


Bruisers have been appearing often in the top lane. All the meta champions go well with you. What do you think?


Champions that can snowball through the laning phase are still pretty good. The laning is connected directly to vision, objectives, or turrets, so I think the champions that are strong in lane are still good.


It seemed that you were struggling in lane with Wukong in the second game. How is that matchup?


Lee Sin has about an 8:2 advantage. What Wukong needs to do is do well in teamfights while collecting as much CS as he can. In today’s game, Lee Sin was able to move first, but my teammates did well.


One of the hottest champions is Gwen. What do you think about Gwen?


I haven’t been able to show Nocturne, Gwen, or Viego in the LCK yet, but those are the champions that I’ve been practicing the most. Gwen goes along very well with my style. I hope to play her soon.


Howling was called up to the main roster. How is he? How’s the synergy?


When I see him, it feels like seeing myself when I was a practice member of Afreeca Freecs. He’s ambitious and passionate. I believe he’ll be able to improve very quickly. I hope we would be able to share things a lot and compete in good will.


Any last comments?


Thank you to the fans who cheer for me. I say this every interview; I hope everyone stays healthy.

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