AF Lehends on fasting Senna-Lee Sin bot lane: "As soon as I saw the , I thought, 'Oh, they messed up hard!'. "

On day 9 of the 2021 LCK Summer split, Afreeca Freecs defeated kt Rolster 2-1. Despite KT playing Lee Sin in the bot lane alongside Senna [fasting Senna], the unorthodox pick was not able to topple AF in game 3.


The support player for AF, Son “Lehends” Si-woo, joined the press room at LoL Park for a post-match victory.

Thoughts on the victory?


Tonight’s match was a very important one, so I’m really glad that we won.


AF now has 3 match wins under their belt. 


I think that there’s still way too much that the team needs to work on; we still have a long way to go.


How far is the team from being the form that they’d like to be?


I’d say about 40%.


What are some of the things that you think went wrong in game 1?


We played very poorly in bot lane laning phase, and our overall communication was off, so we’ll need to work on that.


Contrast to game 1, game 2 was very fast-paced. Do you think the team executed the game plan well?


One thing that we learned from game 1 was to not give Ezreal time to scale, so we played more aggressively to look for fights.


When did you feel you won the game in game 3?


I think I got that feeling after we got the third drake. We did feel that we had the advantage in the draft, but things can go sideways once we’re in the game.

Screengrabbed from the LCK Broadcast

It’s been 2969 days since Lee Sin was played in the bot lane. What do you think about Lee Sin? 


As soon as I saw the , I thought, 'Oh, they messed up hard'! I think they contemplated playing Nautilus, but in the end, I think they tried something new?


How’s the synergy with Leo? From the support’s perspective, what kind of a player is he?


We’re still in the middle of honing that synergy; we have a lot to work on. Leo’s a very ambitious player who likes to squeeze in as much damage as possible. I think if we work on when to not overstep our boundaries, we’ll definitely improve.


What are some of the key points that the team needs to work on in the team’s next matches against HLE and Gen.G?


Both teams have a very strong mid laner, so we’ll need to focus on honing our gameplay around mid.


Some players say that the meta has changed a lot since the Spring split. What are your thoughts on this sentiment?


While I think the top side has changed a lot, I don’t think the bot lane, especially the support meta, hasn’t changed much.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


My goal is to go to Worlds, so I’ll work my hardest to put on the best performance that I can.

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