T1 Teddy: "KT looks a lot stronger this split than they did in Spring, so I think they look a bit scary."

On day 7 of the 2021 LCK Summer split, T1 defeated Fredit BRION 2:0; with it, they’re now on a two-match win streak. By the end of this match, Park “Teddy” Jin-seong scored his 1,500 kill in the LCK; on one of his signature champions, Ezreal.


After the match, Teddy joined the press room for an interview.

Thoughts on the victory?


It was a clean 2:0, so I feel great.


You got your 1,500th kill tonight. 


I found out about it after the match. It made me realize that I’ve been playing for quite a while, so I need to work harder.


In the broadcast interview, Faker said that you still have ways to go, so you need to work harder. Would you like to respond to his statement?


We’re playing Liiv SANDBOX next, so I want to kill Lee “Effort” Sang-ho a lot to get a lot of kills.


Now that the starting five looks like it is set in stone, how have things been different internally from Spring?


During the Spring, due to players having different champion pools, there were too many things that we needed to work on. Nowadays, because there are less things to work on, there’s more focus in our team’s practice. 


How do you rate Ezreal in the current meta?


Most teams already play a lot of Ezreal, but I don’t think every team feels that he’s a strong pick. I personally feel that it depends on how proficient you are with Ezreal. Depending on the level of mastery, the champion can go either ways.


Some experts say that Ezreal’s too weak in lane without Karma. What are your thoughts on the sentiment?


I think that if a player doesn’t play Ezreal without Karma, then it’s because the player’s not confident on the champion. I feel that there are players that think they will scale into the late-game to carry, even without Karma.


The ADC pool seems very shallow. Everyone seems to be playing the same champions. From the champions that we haven’t seen, which other champions would you say that are S-tier?


I’m not quite sure. Some teams consider Jinx and Kalista to be top tier, while others don’t even play Senna. It all depends on how the team analyzes the meta.


What are your thoughts on the Hail of Blades nerfs? Is it significant enough to shake up the ADC meta?


I can definitely feel the nerf, but the champions that use that rune don't really have an alternative rune they can take, so I don’t really think the ADC meta will change in competitive play.


So far, the standings look quite different from Spring split. Which team do you think will be T1’s biggest adversary this split?


KT looks a lot stronger this split than they did in Spring, so I think they look a bit scary. In terms of the bot lane duo, I do think that we can beat everyone if Keria plays well. If I had to choose a bot duo that looks the strongest, I’d say Ruler-Life.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to the fans?


Thanks for always cheering for us. I’ll work very hard this split.

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