[LCK] NS Gori: “Bdd and Rookie are really good players. They’re the players that I’d like to surpass.”


On June 16, in the 2021 LCK Summer Split, Nongshim RedForce took down DRX 2-1 and collected their third win of the season. Through the win, they placed themselves on top of the standings. After the match, Kim “Gori” Tae-woo joined Inven for an interview and talked about their successful start early in the season.


Gori had been voted as the Player of the Game in most of Nongshim RedForce’s games this season, but he wasn’t satisfied with the 3-game winning streak they got today. He was focused on improving his weaknesses. “Before I went to bed yesterday, I had a 5-game losing streak in solo queue. I wanted to have a clean win today, but my performance was very regretful.”


Even if he was voted as Player of the Game, Gori reflected on himself about the parts he didn’t do well. “Game 2 was regretful. All I can do is improve myself to show a better performance in the next game,” he said. “It feels bad when I feel that I’m better than my opponent, but fall behind because of the champion counters. As a pro player, I need to overcome that and do my role.”


Up to now, Gori’s weakness wasn’t that visible in the games. About that, Gori thanked Peanut. “When I don’t do well, I tend not to talk. Whenever that happens, Peanut fills in for me. He’s a great player in the game and he makes the game comfortable to play.”


About Sett and Akali, Gori said, “To win a game, someone has to lay the groundwork. I go in thinking it’s alright to die if I lay the groundwork properly. The roles of the champions are different, but when you play Sett or Akali, you have to carry that role. I’m confident in playmaking.” He also revealed a pocket pick. “I’m also preparing Sylas, and I hope I can show it soon in an LCK match.”


Moving on, Gori recalled his days in T1 and EDward Gaming as a sub player. “It wasn’t that great not being a starting member, but I think I’m here now because I’ve been through all that,” he said, “I was able to learn from the basics through that time as a practice member and sub player in T1 and EDG.” 


He also talked about how he felt about being a starting member of the team. “I was quite worried during the preparation period. All I had in mind was to prepare well and time really flew since I returned to Korea in May. It’s fortunate that we got 3 straight wins, but we’ll be facing the favorites now, so I’m pretty nervous.”


Lastly, Gori picked Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong as the player he’d like to meet. “I think Bdd and Rookie are really good players. They’re the players that I’d like to surpass,” he said. As Nongshim RedForce’s next match is against Gen.G, Gori said, “I want to win from mid difference. I don’t think it’ll be an easy matchup in mid lane, but I’ll try everything so that I could win.”

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