Ludwig donated +$350,000 of his subathon money to these charities

Source: Ludwig Ahgren

When Twitch stream Ludwig Ahgren's subathon took off to unexpected and unprecedented heights earlier this year, the streamer promised to donate a significant portion of the proceeds of the subathon to charity. As of Monday, the streamer has officially followed through on that promise, donating $365,350 USD to more than six different non-profit organizations. 


The official donation announcement came from Ludwig's colleague Slime, who was apparently in charge of ensuring the money got into the right hands.



Here is a quick overview of the charities that Ludwig donated Subathon revenue to.


No Kid Hungry - $200,000

No Kid Hungry is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to tackling food insecurity in America. They use their funding to create a variety of programs to support hungry children including offering grants to communities, supporting relevant legislation, funding school meal programs, offering food and nutrition education, and doing research into the food insecurity issues facing American communities.


According to the financial section on their website, No Kid Hungry spends 6% of their funds on management expenses, 18% of their funds on fundraising efforts, and 76% of their funds going directly toward their program expenses.


Their revenue in 2020 totaled $160 million dollars, 41% of which came from foundation giving, 32% of which came from corporate giving, and 24% coming from individual giving and event revenue. To learn more about No Kid Hungry and their work, check out their 2020 Annual Report


The Humane Society - $57,065

The Human Society is an animal rights advocacy organization dedicated to providing education, care and service, and policy support for animals. The Human Society's efforts include fighting for better treatment of livestock, fighting against the fur industry, ending puppy mills, ending cosmetics testing on animals, and ending trophy hunting. They also support and run a variety of animal shelters, caring for over 100,000 animals in its care centers and wildlife sanctuaries last year alone.


According to their 2020 Annual Report, the Humane Society spends 7% of its funds on management, 20% of its funds on fundraising, and 73% of its funds on animal protection programs. In 2020 their revenue totaled 205 million dollars, with 23 million dollars coming from internal assets and investments, 42 million dollars coming from internal net assets released from restriction, and 113 million coming from grants and direct contributions.


St. Jude Children's Hospital - $57,065

St. Jude Children's Hospital is a non-profit hospital dedicated to treating pediatric diseases and cancers at no cost to the patient or their families. The main hospital is located in Memphis, TN, with a number of affiliate clinics scattered across the American south and midwest. In addition to offering care, St. Jude's is a research hospital dedicated to discovering treatments for some of the most difficult to understand health conditions.



According to their 2019 Annual Report, St. Jude's spends over 80% of its funds directly on medical research and care for pediatric patients.


Colorado Coalition  for the Homeless - $31,220

The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people find and keep long-term housing. They also help connect struggling people with a variety of other health and human services. According to the organization's 2019 Annual Report, they provided over 15,000 patients with healthcare services, nearly 1,500 people with vocational services, built 139 new homes and helped over 20,000 struggling adults and children keep their homes.


An impressive 90% of every donation goes directly toward the Coalition' programs and services, with 8% going to management and only 2% going to fundraising. They had total revenue of $85.3 million USD in 2019, with 8.6 million coming from contributions, 37 million from government contracts, and another 31 million coming from "program income." 


Free Meal Program University District - $10,000

Free Meal Program University District is a program located in University Heights in Seattle. They provide a free meal every Monday from 5-7 PM PST. Not much information about this organization is directly available, we have reached out to the organization directly to acquire more information.


Slime's old schools - $10,000

This donation apparently went to the schools the Slime himself attended in the past. They did not specify which schools or even how many schools received part of this $10,000 contribution. We have reached out to Slime for a comment on this contribution.






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