[LCK] NS deokdam: "I think Ruler is the best bot laner in the LCK..."


On June 10, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, Nongshim RedForce faced kt Rolster. The first game went to kt Rolster, but Nongshim RedForce won the next two games to collect the win. With a nice start in the season, Nongshim RedForce bot laner Seo “deokdam” Dae-gil joined the press room to talk to the media about today’s game.



How do you feel about today’s win?


The beginning needs to be good for things to end well; I’m happy that we won and had a good start.

It was the first time you played at LoL Park in front of a crowd. How was it?


I did play here without any spectators, so I didn’t get that nervous or anything. I was very thankful that the fans came to LoL Park to watch and cheer for us.


Game 1 was rather one-sided. How was the feedback, and how did you decide to play the following games?


We thought that there were two major reasons that we lost the first game. The first reason was our draft, and the second was the early game fight that went bad. We thought we were the better team, so we decided to play more aggressively and change our draft.


You were quite ahead in game 2, but you weren’t able to close the game early. What was the reason?


I think it got longer because we tried to play safe.


You played well, but your opponent, Noah also played well. How was it facing him?


Noah’s a good player. As much as he’s still a young, hot prospect, I believe he’ll become a great player.


Divine Sunderer Ezreal is being evaluated as one of the OP champions, but teams aren’t banning Ezreal. Is there a clear counter?


It’s probably because it hasn’t been long since Divine Sunderer Ezreal came up. The more the players play, the more they’ll recognize how OP it is, and teams will start to ban Ezreal.


This year, LCK has four tickets to Worlds. Many people expect Nongshim RedForce to be a contender. Which team do you think you need to beat to get to Worlds?


I think we need to beat all the teams to get to Worlds. If we lose in the first round, we need to win in the second round to get to Worlds.


Nongshim RedForce prepared well for this season and we heard that you’re doing well in scrims as well. Do you feel that the team has improved?


Last season, we barely reached the playoffs, and we lost there, so we thought we needed to improve more. I thought I should improve myself individually as well, so I’ve been working harder.


Do you think you’ve improved much after last season?


There was a point where I thought I'd improved a lot, but it’s going down again, so I’m working even harder.


Your next opponent is Liiv SANDBOX. How are you planning to face them?


I think we have stronger individual lanes, so if we don’t make the mistakes that we make in scrims, we’ll be able to win.


Which bot laner in the LCK are you the most aware of?


I think Ruler is the best bot laner in the LCK, so I’m aware of him the most.


Nongshim RedForce’s goal would be reaching Worlds. What do you think you need to improve to reach that goal?


If we could reduce the little mistakes in the early game skirmishes, we’ll be able to win more easily.


Any last comments?


We’ll make sure we get to Worlds. Please cheer for us more. We’ll work harder so that we can show better performances in the upcoming games.

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