EA reveals Battlefield 2042 — first futuristic Battlefield game since 2006

Source: DICE + EA

EA revealed Battlefield 2042 on Wednesday, the latest title in their legendary Battlefield franchise being developed by DICE. The game is set to arrive on October 22nd on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Seris S, PS4 and Xbox One. Battlefield 2042 will be the first time the DICE has taken us to the future since the release of Battlefield 2142 all the way back in 2006.



DICE gave us a first look at the themes and features we can expect in a nearly 5-minute reveal trailer posted to Twitter and YouTube. The trailer featured primarily entirely cinematic footage, but still told us a lot about the game. We will see our first gameplay of the new title on Sunday at E3 2021.



In the trailer, we can see futuristic vehicles, UAV's around the world, cyberpunk-inspired cities, and the return of Battlefield 2142's iconic ice map aesthetic. They also teased dynamic ecological map effects, showing off a devastating tornado near the end of the trailer the will presumably be a hazard to watch out for in-game. During the announcement stream, EA also teased sandstorms and a number of further environmental disasters that will be featured in the game.


The trailer also shows off some classic #ThisIsBattlefield moments, like taking out a helicopter with an ATV, and jumping out of a jet to RPG and enemy jet, before reentering the jet in the air.  So we can definitely expect the same crazy shenanigans that Battlefield series is known for.


2042 will include the biggest battlefields ever, with full 128-player servers on PC and next-gen consoles, though the server size will remain capped at 64-player servers for owners of PS4 and Xbox One. Modern networking technology will allow DICE to bring Battlefield to a larger scale than ever before. 


The game will bring back Battlefield's classic Conquest mode, as well as see the return of Breakthrough and the addition of multiple new modes. One of the new modes is called Hazard Zone and will feature squad-based gameplay that EA promised will be a radical departure from previous Battlefield modes. We can expect to learn more about the game modes and maps that will be featured in the game in the coming weeks.


The new game is also bringing "specialists" to the Battlefield for the first time, which are named characters inspired by traditional Battlefield classes but with unique abilities. There will be 10 at launch. In line with other modern shooters, EA will be supporting the latest Battlefield 2042 title with a Battlepass and seasons. The first year will reportedly include four seasons, with each season adding a new battle pass and new specialist to the game.







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