Overwatch Cross-Play Beta announced; friends across regions, platforms can team up

▲ Play Overwatch with your friends like never before. Image via Blizzard Entertainment


Ever since Blizzard Entertainment released its' take on the FPS genre back in 2016 with the launch of Overwatch, there have always been limitations to who you could play with.


Console players could only play with other console players, PC players could only play with PC players.


As the game has been around for five years and Overwatch 2 is in development, console players weren't sure if they'd ever get to play alongside their PC-only friends and visa-versa.


As of today, that's about to change. Blizzard Entertainment announced on Wednesday afternoon that Cross-Play is coming via Beta in the near future.



A recent update to the Battle.net client will allow players from different regions and platforms to team up to take down the opposition and create new memories in the process. The update merges friends lists from across all territories into one so players will not have to shuffle between regions just to play with different friend groups. China, however, will remain its own separate region, according to Blizzard.


When cross-play is released, all players will need to make a Battle.net account and link their appropriate console accounts. As an added incentive for completing the process, players who do so before the end of the year will receive a Golden Loot Box. Cross-progression will not be available at the launch of the new Crossplay feature.



Blizzard did not provide a date that the Cross-Play Beta would go live aside from it being "soon."

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