[LCK] BRO Lava records a pentakill in the first match of the season


In the first match of the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, Fredit BRION mid laner Kim “Lava” Tae-hoon recorded a pentakill. The first match was between Fredit BRION and Liiv SANDBOX. In the two games, Lava played Lucian and Akali, and collected a total of 20 kills.


The moment came in the second game. Lava’s Akali had scaled well and the two teams were dancing around the Elder Dragon in the late game. When the two teams finally clashed, all of the kills were Lava’s. It was Lava’s second pentakill of his career. With Lava’s pentakill, Fredit BRION was able to finish the game.


Lava joined Lee Jeong-hyeon after the match and explained about the pentakill, "We thought we would win if we just fight. I just went in and used my skills and they all just died," he said. "Delight tried to take it away from me, but UmTi let me get the kill." In today's match, Lava was selected as the Player of the Game in both games. He also recorded a quadrakill with Lucian in the first game as well.


Fredit BRION had finished in last place during the spring season. With a great 2-0 start, they will be aiming for much better results in the summer.

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