VALORANT players find teasers for Agent 16 on Breeze

Source: Reddit user u/JanNoodles7

It looks like another VALORANT agent's arrival is "imminent", based on a number of hints that the VALORANT devs have left around Breeze. The changes also appear to be hinting at an agent with some type of electrical ability, perhaps an emp of some description.



Following Tuesday's patch 2.11, players noticed a number of changes to Breeze that all appear to be teasing a new agent. The new teasers include an electrically charged knife sticking out of one of the Radianite boxes, the words "ARRIVAL IMMINENT" on a screen near the teleporter, and a number of alterations to computer monitors around the map.


Based on the knife and the electricity-focused hints, some are speculating that the agent will have access to emp grenades, an emp ultimate, or some other electrical-focused abilities. Of course, we won't know for sure until agent 16 is officially announced by Riot.


Riot decided not to release a new agent in VALORANT episode 2, act 3. The last agent they did add to the game was Astra, who was announced in February. After several months of waiting, many fans are excitedly anticipating the announcement of a new agent whose release will likely coincide with the start of VALORANT Episode 3 later this month.

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