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With Warzone Season 3 Reloaded well underway, it's time to start looking toward what Warzone Season 4 might hold. 


The third season saw the addition of a couple of new weapons, as well as some major balance shifts across the weapon meta. The new meta lent Season 3 a more distinct feel than Season 1 or Season 2 ended up having, however, the season still feels like the same Warzone. We are experiencing the same map, same stealth-focused gameplay, same bugs, and same cheaters as always.


In Warzone Season 4 Raven Software is going to need to step things up if they want to remain ahead of other titles like Apex legends gunning for their dominance. It's time to fix some outstanding issues and introduce some serious new content. Here are some of the biggest changes I want to see in Warzone Season 4 that will help me stay invested in the game.


Warzone needs a new Season 4 map to play on

Verdansk has been a great map to play on over the past year, but the 1984 version of Verdansk didn't offer significant enough changes to the map to make it feel like a new experience. So while Season 3 did bring some changes to the map and the Reloaded patch added even more cool new stuff, the essential experience of playing in Verdansk is still starting to get stale.

In early 2021, there were rumors about a new map coming to Warzone. Those rumors have not been substantiated yet, but now would be the right time for Raven Software to drop a new map. Other battle royale titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends keep adjusting their maps to keep the gameplay experience fresh and to keep people invested and exploring new areas. If Raven Software wants to keep me interested in Warzone, they need to offer me a new battlefield to play on.

Make attachments do what they say they do

There is a weird, persisting issue in Warzone regarding the Cold War weapon attachments. In short, many of them don't do what the description of the attachment says they do. Take for example, the most recent Warzone gun is the CARV.2 Tactical Rifle. Upon release, the 22.3" Calvary Lancer barrel was the only barrel that actually increased bullet velocity, despite it only listing a buff to vehicle damage in the description. 


The Cold War weapons are riddled with mislabeled attachments that say they do one thing but do another. Raven Software acknowledged the issue on their Warzone Trello board but there hasn't been a reliable fix to the issue yet. It would be great if for Season 4 they went ahead and fixed all those labels to be accurate.

Address the rampant cheating

The cheaters have been a serious problem in Warzone since the release of the game back in 2020. The nature of the free-to-play model is that it is hard to truly punish bad actors, since they can just go get another free account if you ban them. So while ban waves from Raven Software might look impressive, they aren't actually solving the issue.



CS:GO recently switched their competitive match-making services back to pay-to-play to help address their free-to-play cheating issue. VALORANT has the highly invasive Vanguard system, which is always on and has kernel access to your computer. I am not certain either of these are the right solution for Warzone, but I do know that cheating ruins games for a lot of players and is an ongoing existential threat to many players' enjoyment of Warzone. The developer have to do better policing this issue.


Buff the Modern Warfare Weapons

It has been good to see some shift to the meta in Warzone Season 3, if only to keep things fresh and interesting, one thing has become clear: the Modern Warfare weapons are worse than most of the Cold War weapons. Raven Software even acknowledged this issue in the May 7th patch notes for Warzone, where they promised that they will be looking at these weapons in the near future.



Most notably, players have complained that guns like the FN Scar 17, the AK-47 MW edition, and the PP Bizon are all outclassed by their Cold War counterparts. This results in low pick rates for most MW guns, and even lower success rates when players do dance with the MW devil. For fans of Modern Warfare or just fans of diverse weapon picks, it is crucial that the Warzone devs do something to bring these Modern Warfare weapons back into the meta.


Offer alternatives to the stealth meta

Since the release of Warzone, there hasn't been much of a reason to run anything but stealthy loadouts. These loadouts usually include the Ghost perk, running with a Heartbeat Sensor to detect enemies, and using a suppressor on most of your weapons. It would be nice if there were other viable playstyles too.


To achieve this goal, Raven Software could nerf stealth items, or they could offer more significant benefits to their alternatives. XclusiveAce offered a number of specific suggestions about what can he thinks can be done to add viable alternatives in a recent video. Regardless of what designers do, it is clear that Warzone could be improved by increasing the number of viable playstyles and loadouts. 

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