Patch 2.9.0 draws flack from the Legends of the Runeterra community

▲ In the eyes of the community, patch 2.9.0 does not rock. Image via Riot Games


Shortly after the most recent Legends of Runeterra expansion, Guardians of the Ancient, went live on May 5, players began experimenting with the new content. Champions such as Zilean, Taliyah, and Malphite struggled to find their footing in the meta while others, such as Irelia, found a home alongside Nasus on top of the tier list.


In the month since, little has changed. Despite continued refinement, the struggling trio of new champions have continued to perform poorly and Irelia's versatility has allowed her to continue smashing the opposition.


So when the game's community saw that a balance patch was announced on Tuesday afternoon, they hoped for a meta shakeup, like the good old days. As players scrolled down the patch notes page, their enthusiasm turned to anger, helplessness, and frustration only to see four cards received balance changes. Zilean was not mentioned while Irelia, arguably, was buffed with a bug fix.


It didn't take long for passionate members of the community to flock to the game's official subReddit and Twitter account to express their frustration with the development team. Despite hundreds of comments flying in over a short period of time, the talking points mostly echoed similar sentiments: Why were only four things tweaked? Why has the balance patch cadence slowed down immeasurably in recent months? Does the game's development team not think the current meta is a problem?



In the nearly 24 hours since the patch was announced (as of the time of this post), the development team has not directly addressed the community's feedback.

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