Dream finally admits to cheating in Minecraft speedruns but claims it was merely a mistake


While Dream has finally admitted to cheating during his infamous Minecraft speedruns, the YouTuber is now adamant that the cheating was an accident. 


On May 30, Dream shocked the streaming community by suddenly releasing a TwitLonger that addressed his impossibly lucky speedrun records. In the since-deleted explanation, Dream explained that he had increased the drop rates enabled for ender pearls. But, Dream noted, he wasn't aware this plugin was on for his 1.16 speedruns. 


“I had considered at the time that this potentially could have been a problem, but brushed it off because server-side and client-side are completely different and as far as I was aware nothing had been done client-side,” Dream wrote. 


Dream then explained that he previously denied the claims in an attempt to "be right" instead of trying to "figure out what happened." 


When Dream was first accused of cheating, speedrunning moderators published a large document outlining the impossible statistics and luck of Dream's speedrun. But Dream had denied the claims. He even hired an astrophysicist at the time in a further attempt to prove the legitimacy of his speedruns. 


In the TwitLonger, Dream apologized for "dragging them through the mud" and admitted that they were "mostly right." 


For the majority of the streaming community, Dream's admission came too late. Many felt that he had "gaslighted" the moderators and others who had seriously discussed the issues with the speedrun record. 


But the biggest issue was Dream's insistence that the cheating was a mistake. For a lot of people, it seemed as though Dream was still avoiding any responsibility for the cheating. While Dream has stated that he will release a further statement about the cheating, a lot of people are already extremely skeptical about what Dream has to say regarding the situation. 

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