Samito flounders through bizarre apology after Florida Mayhem cuts him over on-stream rant

Souce: Samito

Florida Mayhem canceled their contract with Content Creator Sam "Samito" Dawahare after the streamer went on an angry rant on stream earlier this week, in which among other things he told a viewer to go "swan dive onto a fucking set of legos" and "kill yourself" in response to a comment in the chat. He offered a rather bizarre, if heartfelt, apology for the rant.



"Effective immediately, Samito will no longer be affiliated with Flordia Mayhem," the organization explained in their statement. "The comments made by Samito on his recent stream are unacceptable and in no way represent the values of the Florida Mayhem. Florida Mayhem will be making a donation to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a suicide prevention network of 160 crisis centers across the United States that provides 24/7 service to those in need via their hotline (1-800-273-8255"



For his part, Samito both owned some responsibility for what he said, while at the same time blaming the lack of context to the clip for the reason why he lost his position with the Mayhem and suggesting repeatedly that humans should be allowed to make mistakes. He also thanked Mayhem and the Overwatch League for his time with them.



In a lengthier statement on his own channel, he offered a more extended discussion of his removal. Firstly he clarified that he doesn't want anyone to kill themselves and stated that he should have never said it, blaming the vocabulary being in his head on a player in Call of Duty who said it to him the night before the rant in question. He also complained that the clip was taken out of context and threatened legal action against the "known troll" as he put it that posted the clip to YouTube initially. 

"I want the whole story to be there," Samito said. "When you crop a clip and don't include the part where a half a second later, I immediately say 'oh my god, I am totally wrong' which I was and still am, totally wrong. . . My contract was terminated because of [the person who cropped that video], I have every ground to sue."


After playing the full clip during his video, he said, "I fucked up, I am not trying to divert attention away from fucking up. . . My point here is that, personally, I think it's bullshit that brands and the whole industry are allowed to look at a cropped piece of the story. It's not human, human beings make mistakes. This whole industry has turned away from humanity, and is like 'oh you made a mistake, fuck you get out of here.'"


He continues, "I am kind of happy I am gone, because I can be myself and not worry about it. Its very taxing to be a part of Main Stream Media now days . . . it is a unrealistic, bullshit expectation, that is anti-humanity. People learn and grow from mistakes, its so stupid to me, I think its laughable. I don't know guys, I am suing this kid."



"If you are going to judge me, don't judge me on a cropped part," He concluded.









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