Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.11 unit tier list for Set 5 Reckoning


The latest Teamfight Tactics update included some fairly significant buffs to a number of Shadow Items as well as most of the higher-cost Dawnbringers. However, the reworked Vengeful Trap Claw and the Abomination buffs in Patch 11.11 have certainly been making the most waves of all. Along with nerfs to some of the strongest carries last patch like Mordekaiser, Kayle, Draven, and Vel’Koz, the stage is set for some new comps and units to shine this patch.


This tier list will give an overhead view of the strongest units on Patch 11.11, with an emphasis on raw strength rather than how they function within comps. The rankings are based on aggregating the rankings of five different sites — TFTactics,, Mobalytics,, and MetaSRC. While their place in the dominant comps of the patch is a consideration, the focus is on whether these units are independently strong when not in the ideal comp. The units are also rated within the tiers, with the strongest units on the left.


S Tier

Kindred rose to the strongest unit in Patch 11.11, with Volibear and Rell close behind. Kindred’s rise is largely due to the fact that her third Mystic trait allows her to be thrown into just about any comp at Levels 8 or 9. Also, her ultimate ability is extremely powerful for protecting otherwise vulnerable carries.


The two Invokers, Volibear and Ivern, have also risen up the ranks in Patch 11.11, thanks in part to the Volibear buffs. With more starting mana, he’s much more likely to get off at least one instance of that massive ultimate. The Daisy buffs/fixes for Ivern also help to raise the demonic friend of the forest’s rating on this list.


A Tier

Despite nerfs, Kayle remains one of the strongest pure carry units on this patch. She’s now a bit outclassed by 5-star carries like Heimerdinger, Teemo, and Viego, but Kayle is still an extremely powerful unit and her best comp — Redeemed/Knights — hasn’t been nerfed that hard this patch.


After Kayle, there is a trend of the other A tier units being either Dragonslayer (Mordekaiser and Diana), Nightbringer (Morgana and Diana), or Mystics (Lux and Morgana). That Dragonslayer/Skirmisher comp that dominated Patch 11.10 may have been knocked down a peg due to nerfs, but it’s not completely buried.


B Tier

Some of the strongest carries from last patch like Draven and Jax fell hard into the B tier after their nerfs. They can still be the focal point of a comp, but the circumstances (items and trait synergies) need to be a lot more exact than in past patches.


A few other surprising “carries” in the B tier include Yasuo, Katarina, and Kennen. Yasuo is really the only one that justifies having a comp built around him, but Katarina and Kennen can be very strong second carries in a comp. They each synergize extremely well with certain items, Morellonomicon for Kennen and Infinity Edge for Katarina.


C Tier

The C tier is filled out with mostly early-game carries such as Brand, Nocturne, Kha’Zix, and LeBlanc. There are also some of the stronger low-cost tank and frontline units in the C tier such as Hecarim, Thresh, Nunu, and Pantheon. Champions in this tier are worth sticking an extra item or two on, but stacking items or relying on them to carry a comp is unlikely.


D Tier

As is typical of D Tier champions, there are the cast offs from the strongest comps and/or unviable carry units. For instance, the lower-priority Rangers like Varus and Ashe are in the D tier, along with Redeemed units like Leona, Aatrox, and Syndra. Units in this tier really do not justify getting items except in very niche situations, though they can be decent early-game carries and hold units for the later-game carries.


F Tier

Now arriving on the least viable units in Teamfight Tactics this patch, Poppy, Vayne, Ziggs, and Udyr. These should be avoided at all costs, even in the early game unless your shop is just giving you tons of copies of these units. If they can be leveled to 3-stars, that is a bonus, not an objective.

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