Do people still play Neopets? Yes and a huge Altador Cup event is coming VERY SOON

Source: Neopets


Alright, hold your Unis — Neopets is getting crazy. 


The year's biggest Yooyuball event is coming. Signups for the Altador Cup begin June 1, allowing Neopia residents to join one of 18 teams for one of the most competitive months in all of Neopets.


Teams will compete throughout June by playing Yooyuball and other games to earn points towards their team. The goal is to have the most points of all 18 teams, making that team the winner of the Altador Cup XVI. 


The action-packed month will also boast a Staff Tournament and a Neocash Event. Neopia citizens can also purchase Altador Cup merch from Geekify and What's Your Passion Jewelry, including enamel pins and keychains. Apparel is also coming soon — be on the lookout for an announcement. 


Source: Neopets


Do people actually still play Neopets? 


Okay, asshole. Yes. People are playing Neopets. In the summer of 2020, Neopets reported 100,000 daily active users and about 1.5 million monthly active players. It may not be Club Penguin, but people are still feeding their pets pieces of the Giant Omelet and you can't stop them. Just deal with them playing Meerca Chase and grow up. 


How the hell do you even play Yooyuball?


The goal of Yooyuball is to get the Yooyu into your opponent's goal, scoring more than your opponents during a three-minute match.


You use the arrow keys of your keyboard to move and aim. You use the spacebar to shoot the Yooyu or hold spacebar down to carry the ball. This will activate a power indicator showing the strength you build up as you carry the ball. You can also press spacebar (or a left mouse click) to steal the ball from your opponent. 


Use the shift key to call all players on the team to a pre-defined position. There are a handful of general positions for teams, all of which suit a different playstyle. Yes, it's that complicated. There are multiple playstyles in Yooyuball. There are also power-ups and different types of Yooyu that all have their own unique movement styles. 


In fact, there are SEVEN. This includes the Faerie Yooyu that can float above the field, flying in an arc, as well as the Mutan Yooyu, which is highly unpredictable. Honestly, Yooyuball gets CRAZY. This is an intense, tactical game that takes a lot of skill, technique, and passion. You don't even KNOW. 


What happened to Neopets?


Damn, absolutely NOTHING. It's still HERE. We are still PLAYING. We are using The Daily Neopets for freebies each morning. And we are investing millions of Neopoints. And we are joining guilds. Okay, we're not still doing that really. But NOTHING HAPPENED. Neopets is still here and you can join us. You can adopt a Neopet and then starve it. It's STILL POSSIBLE.


Stop being dramatic. 

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