[MSI] MAD Humanoid: "We’ll be able to get even further at this year’s Worlds."

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The close series between DWG KIA and MAD Lions in the semifinals of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational ended with DWG KIA heading to the finals. Despite the loss, MAD Lions were still positive that they made it to the semifinals. After their loss, they sat for an online press conference and answered questions from media outlets around the world.




To Mac - MAD Lions played a fantastic series. How was the MSI experience overall? Did it meet your expectations?


Mac: I’m happy we were able to play some games that a lot of people enjoyed watching. In terms of tournament expectations, the only expectation that we ever put on ourselves was to play at a level that we can be proud of, play our best, and put ourselves in a position to succeed at every possible angle. I think we did a good job of doing that in this tournament, and I’m very grateful for that.


To Armut - How do you think about Wukong as a champion in the meta? MAD Lions was the only team that picked Wukong.


Armut: I don’t see Wukong as a strong champion right now, I wouldn’t blind pick it for sure. But I see the opportunity to pick it, I would pick it because it’s my most comfortable champion, and our win rate with Wukong is really high. And this is good for us because enemy teams like banning it in the second phase, and it gives us extra free bans. I’m really happy that I’m able to play Wukong at this level. It’s a good champion when I see the opportunity to pick it. Thank you.


To Mac - The team played very impressively in game 2 and 3. What are the things that worked for the team to take the win, and what didn’t work in the games that the team lost?


Mac: I think in the games that we won, we were able to secure really strong early drafts and pull out some unexpected picks, which gave us an edge in the draft; picks such as Wukong from Armut or Volibear from Elyoya enabled us to make super aggressive plays. I think that the players played well individually as well, especially during the games that we were winning. Our bot lane played insanely well, and got some solid advantages against DWG KIA’s bot lane.


In terms of games 4 and 5, I think DWG KIA adapted really well in the draft; looking back, I think I would’ve made some different decisions. They definitely had a better draft than us in game 5; getting ShowMaker Zoe early was a good adaptation from them, and it’s something that we should’ve expected, or had a plan to deal with Zoe. In game 4, I think, in hindsight, would’ve probably banned Sylas; it was a very smart pick in that situation. Game 4 also came down to execution; I think we were in a pretty solid position, but unfortunately, it did not go our way in the end.



To Elyoya - You were in the middle of MAD’s successful journey in the MSI. Now that MAD Lions’ journey has come to an end, what’s your biggest thing that you took away from this tournament?


Elyoya: I would not say I was in the middle part of everything. We as a team, the players and the staff, we all have done the same for the team. So I don’t think I was the biggest factor. It was the work of everyone, the fact that we’ve come to the semifinals of this MSI. I think my biggest takeaway from this MSI is being more careful with being exhausted. I feel like I was very exhausted at the end of this journey. I couldn’t give my 100%. So I regret a bit of not being able to prove what we’re really capable of if I’m in my best shape. So yeah, that’s my biggest takeaway from this.


To Armut - Throughout this MSI, GBM was very supportive and was very proud of you. Is there anything to say to him?


Armut: GBM was my coach last year. [Laughs] To be honest, in the beginning, he was really rough with me. I was having difficulty playing the game because he was very rough with me. But I realized that he was only tough with me to be more ambitious in getting better at the game. I have a lot of respect for him, and I wouldn’t be here without him. Thank you, and I’ll see you down the road.


To Carzzy - You played a competitive series against the world champs in your first international semifinals. What are you the most proud of with your teammates?


Carzzy: What I’m proud of? With my teammates? [Laughs] Well, I’m proud of Kaiser and everyone else for playing well, especially for Armut for popping off on Wukong against Khan. It sucks that we lost, but in the end, it was a good day.


To Humanoid - As the captain of your team, how do you compare the future of the current team with the current teams, as to your previous teams that you went to Worlds with?


Humanoid: I feel that our team is getting better every year. Just as we were able to get far into this tournament, I feel that we’ll be able to get even further at this year’s Worlds.


To Armut - You once mentioned that you were inspired by Broken Blade’s career with TSM and beyond; with today’s result, I think you’re arguably the most successful Turkish player. How do you think your achievement affects the TCL’s future, and is there anything you’d like to say to your Turkish fans?

Armut: I think me being in the MSI semifinals and playing against DWG KIA with a close series, I think it’ll give many people the feeling that they could also do it because last year, I lost in the TCL quarterfinals. [Laughs] Anyone can improve, even from the bottom to the top. They all have a chance. What I do here, I think it should be... They should watch me and they should feel the same as when I was watching Broken Blade. I think that’s a good opportunity for them and I’m proud. [Laughs] For the Turkish fans, thanks for the supporting messages all the time, even I lose, even I int, even I die ten times, thanks for supporting me. Not only to the Turkish fans, but to all the fans that I have. Thank you so much.


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