[Gallery] Overwatch 2 developers reveal new map: Monte Carlo

During the developer PvP reveal live stream that took place on Thursday, the Overwatch 2 developers revealed a brand new map set in the opulent party city of Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is a payload map that is designed so that the attacking team is climbing in elevation throughout much of their attack phase.


The second section of the map is particularly steep


So the teams engage in a literal uphill battle until the final section, where teams fight inside a luxe five-star hotel.


Monte Carlo map details

Monte Carlo is filled to the brim with all sorts of details that bring the city to life. This map design does a great job of fusing the aesthetic of Monte Carlo with Overwatch's futuristic design. There are billboards for "AI F1 races", luxurious pools, expensive hotels, and floating futuristic highways in the sky. The payload itself is a futuristic floating F1 car, as a nod to Manaco's love for F1 racing.


First Section: Lower streets


Second section: Climbing the hill

Third section: Inside the Hotel

Unfortunately we won't be able to party in Monte Carlo until the release of Overwatch 2, whenever it eventually does release.


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