[MSI] PSG River: "Seeing Maple's Qiyana in action made me have more faith."

Image screengrabbed via LCK broadcast

On the last day of the Rumble stage at the 2021 MSI, PSG Talon defeated both of their opponents, Pentanet.GG and Cloud9. With it, they have qualified for the semifinals of the tournament, where they’ll either be facing DWG KIA or RNG.


The jungler for PSG Talon, Kim “River” Dong-woo, joined Jeesun park for a quick interview on the LCK broadcast.

Can you tell us about the Qiyana pick in your last match against Cloud9?


Maple kept telling me that Qiyana-Rumble is broken, but I didn’t have faith in his Qiyana, so he didn’t have a chance to play her. However, we’ve already locked our spot in the knockout stages, so the coaches let him play her. Seeing Maple's Qiyana in action made me have more faith.


PSG ended their Rumble stage run with a 6-4 record. When compared to how you guys thought you were going to do, is the result satisfactory?


I personally thought that just making it to the semifinals was an achievement on its own, so qualifying for it as the 3rd place team is pretty good in my books.


Your head coach, Helper, said that he’d rather face RNG in the semifinals. Who would you rather face?


They’re both really good teams, so I think we’ll struggle against both teams. If I say this in the interview, we might get to play against DWG KIA [laughter].


In your previous interviews, PSG’s goal for this tournament was making it to the semifinals. Now that you guys made it, did you set a new goal for yourselves?


Now that we’re here, we definitely want to make it to the finals.

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