[MSI] DK kkOma: "It’s more important to win in the end than to win now."

▲ Source: Riot Games


DWG KIA’s head coach, Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun was calm. Even if DWG KIA got through the Rumble Stage of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational with a 7-1 record after four days, kkOma emphasized that the team shouldn’t be shaken from the performance they deliver, whether it’s good or bad.


About getting 7 wins in the Rumble Stage and climbing on top of the standings, kkOma said that he’s happy. “It’s more important to win in the end than to win now. I’ll do my best to prepare well so that we could win the championship.”


DWG KIA was shaky in the early stage of the MSI. How did they overcome that? The answer kkOma gave was not hurrying too much. “Our current performance may be important, but how we perform always changes. I believed that it’ll get better and wasn’t impatient about it,” said kkOma.


The team didn’t seem to prioritize Lee Sin in the current meta. When asked about that, kkOma answered, “We’re experimenting several different picks. Lee Sin is also a good pick, but we can’t always take all the good picks. Since we’re in a best-of-1 stage, we’re trying out all the different compositions.”


Lastly, kkOma cleared that the team atmosphere is quite good and added his last comments towards the fans. “Thank you to all the DWG KIA fans that cheer for us. I’ll take any measures to survive until the end, so keep cheering for DWG KIA.”

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