[Fanart Friday] Resident Evil

Let’s get spooky-scary this week with a Resident Evil-themed Fan Art Friday! Straight from the depths of Racoon City, we’ll be celebrating art based on the Capcom classic as more and more people dive into Resident Evil: Village. Can you survive the deadly grasp of Lady Dimitrescu?  Do you want to? Here we go!


We’re going to start things off with one of the most iconic Resident Evil games, Resident Evil: 3. This action--packed art from DemonG3 captures the intensity of the game, placing Jill and Nemesis in a missile-launcher-weilding free fall. We love the way DemonG3 rendered the buildings in the background, giving a layered depth with simple shapes and repeating patterns!



DeviantArt artist NyutaValerius paints beautiful characters, and their take on Lady Dimitrescu adds a classic elegance that makes the horror really shine. Do you even notice the bladed fingertips when her eyes are so alluring? The artist’s ability to create such wonderful and timeless tones with watercolor also add a lot to the painting; a perfect fit for the subject matter.



Comic book fans are aware of the intricate renderings and horrific mind of Dave Rapoza. While not quite as shocking as his Garfield Hentai series, this zombie from Resident Evil 2 delivers quite the scare. Dave’s obsession with detail can be spotted throughout the piece, but can be most-appreciated in the decaying flesh around the maw. 



Also inspired by Resident Evil 2 is this portrait of Leon by XiaoBotong. Nothing shakes this guy! Despite it being their first day on the job, they calmly eject a round from their pistol, and ready themselves for the oncoming undead horde. The lighting in this piece does an excellent job of directing focus, shining down on the RPD officer and leaving the zombies in shadow. 



Diving into a couple cosplays, we first want to return to a favorite of this series, Narga-Lifestream. This simple yet effective Jill Valentine is a piece of a much larger series, following the heroine through an abandoned building. Jill’s instantly recognizable top anchor’s the look, while a utility harness hints at the character’s journey. The “distressing” of the image also feels incredibly on-brand for early Resident Evil, complete with light-leaks and dust. 



Fast-forwarding to Village, this Lady Dimitrescu cosplay from Disharmonica is incredibly well done. Disharmonica always spends a lot of time on their shoots (be warned some are not safe for work, let alone Ethan Winters). This shot is one of our favorites of the set, playing with angle to try to get the cosplayer to appear as tall as the towering madame. The makeup is also spectacular, finding a perfect level of pale to read undead but not unappealing. 



Did someone say, “Crossover?!” Artists Cicakkia crashes Zootopia into Resident Evil to create this one-of-a-kind mashup. Not only does the idea play well, but including various characters from Zootopia as the zombies is brilliant. We love the atmosphere and the cold light that illuminates the scene.  



Finally, we wanted to end with this beautiful piece from Kugelcruor on DeviantArt. We really appreciate the use of negative space, and the swoop of the hat’s brim is stunning. The way that the shadow casts down off Lady Dimitrescu’s shoulder is spectacular, and gives a much-needed anchor to the artwork. The amount of atmosphere that this illustration is able to convey in such a more minimalistic piece; wonderful.


As per always, please don’t hesitate to check out our entire Resident Evil curated gallery here, and 

check back in next week for our next #FanArtFriday! 

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