Riot Games will no longer store scrim records on tournament servers


On March 24th, Riot Games Korea revealed in a phone call with InvenGlobal that match records will no longer be stored on the Korean tournament server. With this change, LCK players will no longer need to get into the habit of quitting prematurely to prevent scrim records from being stored.

With Afreeca Freecs and Samsung Galaxy each losing a set score for 'Intentional Disconnection', the rule has been undergoing heated discussions both in and out of Korea. Although the rule has not been changed, this change to the tournament servers will allow players to no longer worry about quitting a game prematurely; as the game record will not be stored on the tournament server no matter what.

According to an official from Riot Games Korea, NA and EU tournament servers have already implemented this change, and it is currently under the QA process for KR. Just as the North American server is usually the first to receive a patch, this seems to be the case for tournament servers as well.

As scrims are mostly done on the tournament servers to play with the version that is used in the official match, hopefully pro players will now be able to drop that somewhat detrimental disconnection habit.

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