[MSI] PSG Maple: "I miss Betty, Karsa, and SwordArT a lot. I hope I see them again at Worlds."

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PSG Talon had a decent day on the first day of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational’s Rumble Stage. Although they fell to DWG KIA, they took a win against Pentanet.GG and finished the day with a 1-1 record. After their matches, Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang joined Inven for an interview.



How do you feel about today’s matches?


It’s regretful. Especially losing to DWG KIA today. Their recent form isn’t at their best level. Our bot lane was advantageous from the early game, but it’s regretful that we didn’t capitalize on that enough.


How was it different from the DWG KIA you’ve heard of?


All of DWG KIA’s players’ individual prowess is amazing. But if we played a bit better from the laning to the teamfights, I believe we could have won.


You played against ShowMaker today. How did it feel playing against him?


ShowMaker is a player with great mechanics and his performance at teamfights was also really great.


You have quite a lot of experience in international tournaments. Which mid laner was the most impressive?


In the MSI, I think it’s ShowMaker. He had the best mechanics among the mid laners I faced. Among all the players I’ve faced, I felt the most pressure playing against Faker.


PSG Talon is doing quite well at this MSI. Do you think you’ll make it to the semifinals?


I’m confident that we’ll reach the semifinals. Although we beat Pentanet.GG today, we lost to DWG KIA. The next time we meet DWG KIA, we’ll win.


You played against Pentanet.GG’s Zed. How do you feel about Zed in the current meta?


Zed is a champion that I was originally good at, so I knew how to play against him. Frankly, Zed is kind of difficult to face in solo queue, but I don’t think he's as scary in pro play.


What did PSG Talon learn while playing in this tournament and what did you feel playing on this stage?


I don’t think I can say right now. I may be able to talk about it after tomorrow’s match.


Are there any former teammates that you miss?


I miss Betty, Karsa, and SwordArT a lot. I hope I see them again at Worlds.

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