Riot reveals Masters Reykjavik hoodie memorabilia in new PC Bang area on Split

Source: Riot Games

Riot Games revealed this week that they will be giving out exclusive memorabilia to the physical attendees of the VCT Masters Reyckavick International LAN in the form of a Masters Reykjavik-themed hoodie. The hoodie is being given out only to physical attendees of the upcoming VCT Masters Reychavick event taking place near the end of May. Riot games gave Inven Global an exclusive sneak peek at the new design. 


The hoodie comes in black. The front of the hoodie features the spark VCT logo in the iconic VCT pale green accent color. On the back, there is a depiction of an Icelandic mountain in the same pale shade of green. Overall it's a very slick design that will likely stand the test of time.


In addition to the physical versions of this apparel, a digital version can be seen in-game inside the new PC Bang installation on the map Split, though you won't get quite as good a view of the apparel from outside the store windows.


Source: Riot Games


The VALORANT developers turned the shoestore on Split into a VCT Masters-themed PC Bang, where the exclusive hoodie design is on the wall and the Masters Reykjavik trophy is in the window. The new installation is part of Riot's promotional strategy for VALORANT esports.


Source: Riot Games


"In-game activations are one of the most authentic ways to connect with our global fanbase," explained VALORANT Esports Strategy Manager Riley Yurk in a statement to Inven Global. "From billboards to map takeovers (such as Split’s Happy Store) we want to merge the game and esport into one unified experience. We’re just getting started on what we can do in the game and will continue to use this as a platform to merge the worlds and drop easter eggs on what’s yet to come."


In addition to featuring the new hoodie design and Masters Reykjavik trophy, the Stage 2 Masters-themed Happy Store is filled with a number of other little easter eggs as well.


To name just one, the PC's inside the Bang are all running League of Legends, Riot's massively popular MOBA title. One desk has a small statue of Killjoy, the tinkerer of the VALORANT world, indicating that is the desk she plays from. If you look closely, you can see she is playing Heimerdinger, the tinkerer of the League of Legends universe. It only makes sense that a tinkerer in VALORANT would also enjoy playing as a tinkerer in League!

Source: Riot Games


Riot said that we won't be seeing any other VCT themed stores in the game just yet, but that will likely change in the future as Riot continues to develop their in-game esports promotions for VALORANT.

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