[MSI] PSG Hanabi: "I think any team besides Cloud9 has a chance to reach the Rumble Stage."

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PSG Talon reached the Rumble Stage of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational with a 4-2 record in their group. They put up a good fight against MAD Lions in the last match, but it wasn’t enough. After their last match, Su “Hanabi” Chia-Hsiang joined Inven for an interview.



Although you lost the last match, you’ve advanced to the Rumble Stage. How do you feel?


We lost to MAD Lions twice, and I’m really disappointed about it. We were ahead in the early game today, but we lacked damage in the late game because we made several mistakes. We’ll be meeting MAD Lions again in the Rumble Stage — I’ll make sure we win that time.


What do you think you have to improve in the Rumble Stage?


Our team usually plays well in the early game, so I think we should capitalize on that to win games.


You utilized several champions like Gnar, Renekton, Jayce, etc. Which champion are you the most confident in?


I like Gnar the most. He’s easy, fun, and strong.


What do you think about top Urgot?


Urgot is a champion that’s strong in the early game. If the situation allows me, I want to try playing him too.


Who do you think will reach the Rumble Stage in tomorrow’s group along with DWG KIA?


I think any team besides Cloud9 has a chance to reach the Rumble Stage. It seems that Cloud9 isn’t in a good condition.


Maple joined the team with who you were teammates when you were in Flash Wolves. How did that change the team?


Maple is a player that makes a lot of shotcalls, so we make more shotcalls as a team.


Doggo is a loaned player, but his performance is above expectations.


Doggo’s performance was really beyond expectations. We were the ones who didn’t play well. I think we should work harder and play well like Doggo is doing.


What’s your goal for this MSI?


My goal is to get to the semifinals. Also, I’ll make sure we beat MAD Lions.

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