AFs TuSin: “Back to Basics- was my primary strategy.”

Afreeca Freecs is now one step closer to the playoffs.

The second matchup of the 38th day of the 2017 LCK Spring Split ended with AFs’ 2-1 hard-fought victory over bbq Olivers.

Game 1 was a perfect victory for AFs. Spirit’s Elise showed perfectly aimed Cocoon and cut off the enemy Rengar in mid lane. AFs achieved a deathless game.

However, Game 2 did not go as smooth as Game 1. Bbq dominated mid lane with Rumble and Zed. AFs tried to cut off Rumble with Fizz, but Fizz was no match for Rumble. AFs lost the game, making the score 1-1.

Game 3 was another hard fight for AFs at first. AFs needed Baron buff so bad and did not miss the chance to get the buff. With the buff on their side AFs aced the enemy team, picking up a 2-1 victory.

Below is our post-match interview with Jong-ik “TuSin” Park, the Support who did an amazing job in assisting Kramer’s Ezreal and leading the team to victory.


First of all, how do you feel about winning today?

I wanted to win 2-0, but I’m still happy that we won.

Surely it was a hard-fought victory for you guys. Did you and your teammates give some feedbacks to each other during the game?

We couldn’t play Game 2 and 3 as we planned. We shared some feedbacks right after Game 2 and changed our strategy for Game 3, but still ended up losing the laning phase. I think we were able to win because our team composition worked out really well.

You have 8 wins, 7 losses now, and 3 matches left. Would you like to add any comments?

I wish we had more wins. We will be playing against Longzhu, Jin Air, and kt and I’ll do my best to win against those teams. I still like Longzhu because I used to be the Jungler for Longzhu, but I won’t go easy on them.

Every single set score matters at this point. How are the practices/scrims going with you?

Most of the teams don’t have night scrims but we do. We’re focusing on the synergistic effects that we’ll have as a team.

It seems like the draft picks are not in favor of MaRin in many games. What are MaRin’s thoughts on this and how are you guys dealing with this?

MaRin can carry the game when he picks a champion that he’s good with, so the opponents have to ban those champs. But MaRin is capable of playing many different champs so he doesn’t worry about that too much. Also, he’s the top laner for our team so banning top lane champs would allow the rest of us more choices.

You are showing a significant improvement in bot lanes. Any comments?

When I first joined the team I was confident I can do well, but I couldn’t learn to work together with my teammates. I decided to go back to basics and tried my best to play as a team. I believe that’s why I’m doing so much better these days.

Any last words?

A big thanks to our fans and coaching staffs. I know we still have a long way to go, but we are working really hard. I believe we can show what we are capable of. I’d like to ask for your continued support, and again, thank you.

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