JAG Teddy: “I will give my best effort to get out of relegation”

On March 23th, Day 38 of the 2017 LCK Spring Split, Jin Air Green Wings defeated KongDoo Monster after going through all three games. It was a victory of a brilliant use of a reverse psychology and the Baron buff.

JAG showed aggressive plays throughout the match and did not back off to play safe even after a major defeat in teamfights. In Game 3, after JAG got the Baron buff, they did not waste a minute in pushing and destroying the enemy’s inhibitor.

Let us hear from Jin-sung “Teddy” Park on his thoughts on today’s victory in our post-match interview below.


Congrats on your 3rd victory of the Season. Would you like to add any comments?

I almost thought we were going to lose after we lost the first teamfight in Game 3. I’m really happy with the result.

How is JAG doing recently? Is everybody doing okay?

The future wasn’t bright for us, but after we lost against SSG, somehow we felt more relieved. Practices are going really smooth since then.

In your off-the-record video, you guys were having some trouble with shot-calling. What was the situation behind that?

We were kind of confused because two people made different shot-calls. We picked SnowFlower as our main shot-caller and everyone is happy with the decision.

It looks like you get a lot of deaths in almost every game. Any comments?

I don’t care about how many deaths I get as long as I can win the game. Getting deaths is not a big deal to me. I just wish I could do better for my team.

SoHwan and ikssu were taking turns in playing today. What was the situation behind that?

SoHwan is good with DPS champions and ikssu is good with tanks. When we’re on the blue side, SoHwan is in and ikssu is out so we can focus on the top lane. We can either play aggressive or play safe, and it seems like we have a higher win rate when we play aggressively.

JAG will probably get out of relegation if AFs wins against bbq Olivers. Would you like to send a good luck message to AFs?

I know they are really good. I’d be really thankful if they win against bbq.

And your match against AFs is coming up next too. Would you like to add any comments?

We have to win against AFs to get out of relegation. I will fight like my life depends on it.

Any last words?

I want to thank our fans for their continued support even though we are not doing very well in LCK. I won’t let you down.

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