Vision Strikers flop at KR VCT Iceland LAN qualifier, NUTURN Gaming claims KR slot

Source: Riot Games

After completing a 102-game lossless streak covering nearly a year of contiguous time, Vision Strikers flopped at the KR VCT LAN  qualifiers.  While their lossless streak in VALORANT ended in April, they remained the favorite to take the single KR slot at the KR Challengers Final this past weekend. However, Vision Strikers dropped in the semifinals against NUTURN Gaming, who then won the Grand Final against DAMWON gaming in a convincing 3-0 blitz to earn the coveted KR Iceland LAN slot.



The loss represents the first time the Vision Strikers VALORANT team has failed to win a B-Tier or A-Tier event in their brief but impressive history. Since June of 2020, Vision Strikers won 19 C-tier, B-tier, and A-tier tournaments, most of which were online with the exception of First Strike Korea and the VCT Korea Stage 1 Masters.


For their part, NUTURN Gaming is no stranger to success. While the team has only been competing together since mid-January, they have already won multiple events and managed to take 2nd place at the Korea Stage 1 Masters in a very close 2-3 match against Vision Strikers in March. Now they will be able to show how they, and Korea more broadly, stacks up against the other VALORANT regions around the world.


NUTURN Gaming was not the only team to pull off a big upset during this weekend's Iceland LAN qualifiers. In North America, the top-seeded 100 Thieves was eliminated by Team Envy, who was in turn eliminated by the underdogs Version1, who came out of nowhere this weekend to claim one of the two qualification spots alongside Sentinels.


Along with the KR and NA challengers, as of writing this article the Thai team X10 Esports claimed the South East Asian slot, Team Liquid and Fnatic claimed the EU slots, and Crazy Raccoon qualified for Japan. The Brazilian and Latin America slots will be determined later on Sunday.


There have already been some notable surprises in the qualification for the Iceland LAN that are shaking things up heading into the most prestigious VALORANT tournament ever. On May 24-30th, we can expect to witness the most exciting and unpredictable professional VALORANT tournament yet, as the best teams in the world compete to win the first-ever international VALORANT tournament. 



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