Super Smash Bros. community shocked by Cinnpie's response to grooming, sexual abuse allegations


A concerning amount of competitive Smash players were called out during the #MeToo movement in 2020 but one case stood out to a lot of people in the community. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pro Troy "Puppeh" Wells accused streamer Cinnamon "Cinnpie" Dunson of having a sexual relationship with him when he was only 14 years old and she was 24.


According to a TwitLonger written by Puppeh, the relationship started in 2016. He recalled Cinnpie talking to him sexually on Snapchat. They also talked on Facebook each day. After a tournament, Puppeh hung out with Cinnpie at a party. She got intoxicated and tackled him to the ground, making out with him. The furthest they ever went was oral sex, Puppeh said. 



But the relationship started to really upset the young pro. Puppeh confessed that it hurt him deeply that Cinnpie pretended not to know him or like him in public. The experience continued to weigh on Puppeh until he couldn't take it anymore and decided to share his story. 


The responses were mixed. Some players felt that as a boy, Puppeh should have enjoyed the attention and sexual activities with an older player. But many condemned Cinnpie for grooming a minor. While Cinnpie ended up being blocked from tournaments and booted from the competitive community, she remained pretty silent on social media. 


Cinnpie responds to grooming, pedophilia allegations 


After being deservedly shunned into silent, Cinnpie has finally come forward with a statement of her own. 


In a tweet, Cinnpie started off with a quite powerful statement: "I have never in my life raped anyone. I'm not a pedophile. And I never forced another person in a sexual or romantic relationship with me in any way." 


Cinnpie went on to say that she was an irresponsible and inappropriate 23-year-old in 2016. But this was possibly due to experiencing sexual assault herself. She opened up about a 40-year-old man luring intoxicated women, including her, to be sexually abused and then left alone with a group of men she didn't know. Cinnpie concluded that she "didn't deserve any of it" after going to therapy. 



Cinnpie explained that she can't say much more due to her lawyer's orders but went on to say that she is continuing therapy. She also begged the Smash community to stop telling her to kill herself. 


"I finally decided not to," Cinnpie said, "so I can help people like me." 


The response to the situation left the Super Smash Bros. community in shock. Many wondered why there was not an apology anywhere in the document after what she had done to Puppeh. Instead, it seemed that Cinnpie had chosen to deny the situation entirely and blame any of her behavior on unrelated trauma she experienced at the hands of another predator in the Super Smash community. 


Other Smash players shared an infamous clip compilation of Cinnpie acting inappropriately with Puppeh in public. 



Even though Cinnpie's upsetting story of sexual abuse may be real, the Smash community didn't respond with a lot of sympathy and instead asked Cinnpie if she was saying that Puppeh lied about everything he'd experienced. 


So far, Cinnpie has not commented on the update any further. 

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