Alliestrasza to Blizzard: Include more women in Hearthstone events or I won't be there

Image via Alliestrasza


Hearthstone's largest female content creator has had enough and is offering to put her money where her mouth is.


In recent weeks, current and former community members, casters, and content creators for Blizzard's collectible card game, Hearthstone, began speaking out about the toxic and hostile environment within the game's community towards women. Between the abusive and sexist comments they receive almost daily on social media and their Twitch streams;  a lack of representation by the game's developer at tournaments and community events that can help grow their platforms; and the feeling that they aren't being heard, they've hit their wit's end.



As the conversation within the Hearthstone community has started shifting to the issues that women experience on a daily basis, the most popular female figure is going a step further.


Allie "Alliestrasza" Macpherson, a high Legend player who entertains thousands on her Twitch stream daily, issued Blizzard an ultimatum: put more women in events or I won't participate in them.


According to sources familiar with the situation, Macpherson told Blizzard that she would not participate in a recent community event and future ones unless the developer made a concerted effort to have at least 20% of the participating field be women going forward. 


Over the past year, the number of female participants at Hearthstone community events that Blizzard had a hand in selecting the competitors for typically hovered around 10%, with Macpherson being one of the few invited.


Shortly after women began speaking out about their experiences and feelings a couple of weeks ago, the Hearthstone team made a statement on their Twitter account acknowledging the problems at hand and vowed to do better.


InvenGlobal was not able to confirm whether Macpherson's conversation with Blizzard occurred before or after their statement was issued.

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